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Do you think our standards have gone down in any way? Do you think that we're more trusting of these women? What? How do you assess the allegations against cavenaugh in light of your own? The vote, the very high standards you used in reporting on need a Broderick. That's a very good in hard question. I do think standards had gone down, but I think the culture has evolved studies of women who have been assaulted have been have evolved, for example, we know now through a lot of work that it's very rare for a woman to make a false accusation. So I think that fits into people's reporting and thinking, I mean, what when's the last time you heard of a woman accusing prominent politician of something like this at didn't end up having a shred of truth in or at least she believed it. So I, I don't think I don't think our standards have changed. I think the culture and the times have changed. I think we're more apt to believe the woman and what the standard seems to be, which was the same standard I had, we could who did the person's, how contemporaneous or who did they tell it all? And you know, in the case of most of these me too stories, there was contemporaneous reporting. Dr. Ford wasn't contemporaneous, but it was five years ago. So I think that seems to be the standard. I'm still a little bit of. I have a mixed feeling on miss Ramirez. I'm just not sure where that's going right now, but it's a fascinating point about about the culture. Evolving and how we look at these accusations differently and that that factors into how we assess the evidence and and whether to make the decision to to publish or not. And that makes a lot of sense to me. You know, we still have to be incredibly rigorous. And as you say, you know, do all the cross checking and and and and and looking for contemporary accounts, but but attitudes change. And I think that is also reflected in journalism sometimes as it should be exactly. Well, we will be watching all this play out on Thursday, assuming the hearing comes off as as advertised, and we'll get a chance to set that make our own assessments of the credibility of the two witnesses scheduled to testify Christina Ford. And I had that. I appreciate you guys. I, I'm just reading that that the the majority in the did you hear committee hired a lawyer to question Dr? Ford on behalf of both the Democrats and Republicans, does that mean that members are not going to question her at all? Well, that's a great question Lois, and because I was thinking about this the other day, when I when I heard that this was something that they might do. I can't imagine that these senators would kind of just sit on their hands and not ask questions themselves. I think it would look terrible for them to to to do that, particularly on the Republican side, which is as it was during the Anita hill. Clarence Thomas hearings, you know, entirely male. In fact, the Senate Judiciary committee there has there has not been a Republican member of the Senate Judiciary committee in two hundred and two years. And it will look so transparent if they hire a female lawyer to ask the questions and and do not. Have you know the spine to ask questions themselves. So I have to think that they will also ask questions, but maybe they'll just leave the hard ones up to whichever lawyer they hire. I dunno, Issakov. What do you think? Well, I'm absolutely certain Democrats are going to take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions. I think I've heard some talk that they're gonna let Kamala Harris play. The lead former prosecutor really tough grueling. Interrogator, but I think you'll see the others weighing in. I've heard Shelton White House saying, of course he's going to ask questions and I imagined. Questions, right? Right, right. Those early gonna, ask questions. The interesting thing will be see how the Republicans do it, but at by the way that does remind me of one other thing I noticed in reading over the clips, Juanita Broderick. One reason she talked to you and Lisa Myers and not some others is she wanted to tell her story to a woman, not a man. Yes, that's absolutely true..

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