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You really don't get ghosted very often. You said so You're surprised that he's now essentially goes in you? Yes. Like, what the hell's going on that the hell is going on? What is that? Well, let's find out right now. Good luck. Hello. Hi. Is this Jake? Here, Jake. Good morning. It's Fred and Angie calling for the morning radio show on Kiss FM, and I'm sorry to intrude, but I have to tell you that we are on the radio right now. And I would need your permission to continue talking. Is it okay if we keep going with the call? Uh, yeah, I guess. Okay. Perfect. Thank you. I'll get right to it. We're calling on behalf of a woman named Shelby. He reached out to us. Says she went on three dates with you. Do you remember Shelby? I hope I do? Yeah, I definitely do. Okay. Good. Well, she said that she thought things were going well between the two of you and was hoping to hear from you again for another date and hasn't and wanted us to reach out and find out what's going on with you. Can you kind of fill us in on why you haven't called her for another date? I mean, she Shelby was great. Your is often my. I mean, we went out three times He was fun. Ah, super funny. We got along great. I had fun. So what's the problem? This all sounds good. It was good until so. On the third day I glanced over I saw how I was saving her phone. My name was in their phone. I was saved as called for food. We'll really we don't like like instead of your first name where the text would be, or, you know, like when you're going through the list of texture, calls or whatever it said. Call for food, So she was using you for free dinners. I don't know. I didn't. I didn't understand it like it was kind of hurtful and also I didn't know if she was making fun. So I Blanche. I just felt weird. Well, let me bring Shelby and I forgot to mention that Shelby is here shall be called for food. Don't be so oversensitive. It was a joke like my girlfriends. I mean, that's kind of what you do when you're you know, you're hanging out with the girls. You talking about, going out with people on Bumble. It was like a It was a joke. You put his name in there like everybody else. Well, because, like I said, it was just like a joke about it. Girlfriend, you know, call for food, because that's what you do when you're on a dating service, and you hang out with her girlfriends. And it's not a big deal like a camp believe that oversensitive things were. We're going back and they were going well, if you're labeled, if you're labeled in some dude's phone, as called for sat was just about to say that so irritated me so pissed you'd never go out with him again. Well, you know what? To be quite honest. I mean, happy actually done it. I would have relabeled it, You know, call when you need some. I mean, just it was just a joke. Okay with yourself Because you did way is that you're trivializing You're reducing the relationship to food or sex, which is fine if we're both on the same well, because it's bumble. He's not a human being. It doesn't mean that he necessarily wanted to be a deal buying for you. Like it was a joke. It's not a big deal. It was. I don't know. I just I feel really weird. I mean, I feel weird not to, but it was. It is the same route to me. You know, I didn't know it was just like I'm born hungry called for food. And if I was the joke, you know You're not going to be able to move past this than you. You You can't get over it. You know he's going to get some free food somewhere else kind of bad humor. I mean, so early on, I could see how you could feel like you were Like this is some kind of college meal plan, like when I'm hungry, and I want to go out with Tito call this guy and the way you're just oversensitive to see And that's what's annoying about the whole thing is, like one thing to be like. Yeah, I did that. That probably wasn't a good move, but to like, say that he's being In a hole and he needs to get over it like you should. You should have some remorse for making somebody feel sorry. I didn't mean like that oversensitive like, but that's the way he feels. He feels insulted. And you should apologize. She doesn't get it. I did have fun. No, no hard feelings. I just It's not f l really weird So best of luck to you. The thing you till they go. All right, Well, don't label someone like that again. And if you don't want to see it, how about that? There's gonna be a 1,000,000 girls that call for a date with you. Now, By the way, I think that's probably good luck, Guys. Thanks for your time. They scroll through my phone right now as we speak. I don't have anyone in there under call for sex or call for food, but I definitely along the way back in my Back in my I suppose. MME or forward days, my hollandaise. I would put people in my phone as their first name. And then some kind of identifying feature like there is a Becky Big boobs in my father 100% to differentiate from the The other back little moves and then the Buddha is big. You know, I don't discriminate, but I got to know who I'm dealing with. It is the last thing you want to do it in the mood for the big boobs used to call the one with a little you know what I mean? Palin sure, have you? Not ever. You've never put it on your phone is unidentified. No, I have. I don't have any Becky. Big boobs. You don't You don't know her. You should meet her. If you don't have, like Donny Dong in there. That's.

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