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Welcome back to you some see fantasy football podcasts i did forget to mention in that first or we're talking about running back so wasn't really super relevant but hunter henry unfortunately the good running the good the good tight end full the chargers kinda takes tight end off the old heap right there we'll have to see who his replacement's going to be there for philip rivers but hunter henry did suffer a tornado in ota's just yesterday or the day before and obviously we'll be unavailable for i'm assuming the whole season for the chargers they'll need next guy for him but i think on this on this mccombs when it comes to tight ends i think that you can kind of find production here and there it's not really the most skill is the biggest position that you're gonna get a bunch of points out of unless you have like a top top top too tight end if gronk or if it's we'll see jimmy graham factors into the green bay offense this year but that's a big blow right there for options on fantasy because i looked i love hundred hundred of fantasy option and the charges voice been good with tight ends obviously you tell you gates becoming being one of their being one of the most legendary tight ends to play this game but that's just too bad for for one hundred hundred is he will not be able for charges or for any fancy owners this season as far as barkley goes i know there's going to be.

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