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A woman accused of murder in connection to the deaths of eight members of the road and family in pike county made an appearance in court today for a P pretrial hearing Angela Wagner. Her husband and two sons are all charged in the case. Her son, George Wagner will be in court for his pretrial hearing on Wednesday man seen on surveillance video stealing in the gun from the victim of a motorcycle. Accident has now been identified tonight. ABC six is Tom Bosco says it's all things to tipsters. What he did what he did was caught on camera. He stole a gun from the dead body of Bradley Bethel who crashed his motorcycle on Livingston avenue who he is has been a mystery since September. But police now say they are, narrowing in on the suspect announcing today, they have identified this man and are preparing to charge him. He has not yet been arrested. No word yet on what charges. He will be facing. Final preparations are underway for the last North American International auto show that will be held in January about thirty vehicles will be unveiled at this year's event, which will then move into the month of June starting in twenty twenty and one of the new. College football hall of famers has a bit of an inflated ego tonight the Goodyear blimp, which has been a staple at major sporting events for more than sixty years as being inducted into the college football hall of fame as an honorary member it's the first non player or coach to be inducted for your ABC six. I warning weather some scattered rain showers tonight, it'll be windy with a low of forty eight. I'm Alison Wyant. Our next report at seven o'clock for breaking news, and weather alerts instantly, follow us on Twitter at six ten WTVN news, if.

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