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Inland temperatures will be in the nineties and be ready for gusty winds in the deserts from 30 to 40 miles per hour. A smoke advisory continues for portions of the inland empire and San Bernadino Mountains due to the apple fire. If you smell smoke or see Ash stay indoors. This is Bella and alien with NBC Force Today In Italy. It is 76 degrees. Intestine 75 in Huntington Beach, 75 in 1000 Oaks and 82 in West Covina. We leave local live from the 24 hour news room. I'm Leyla Mohammed. Then I'm acting. You know, we forgot Want. Watch? What We forgot. Yo, Semite, Semites some nights. Oh, right. That was the national Parks bill that the president signed today. He spoke of the Grand Canyon. He spoke of the beautiful, tall sequoias and your Semite CEO seven nights. That's too bad. That is too bad because it overshadowed what was A good positive thing. A couple of quick sports stories to tell you about Miami Marlins are set to resume play in Baltimore. Today They were the ones who at 21 members of their traveling party infected with Corona virus, including 18.

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