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Oh bring it back to semi fulltime tell you that others keep shown up until my garage quicker doesn't work yeah okay area in greater how can anyone be anti semitic into those and then okay all right i don't get it i get a lot of anti everything but not the symmetric part like i feel like never narrowed parameters p anyway what do you mean those those right greatest argument with gavin news from is like these checkcashing places are used by by everybody all right so i go down there in the be a bunch of jews waiting round of the everbody all right we're gonna find that uh uh uh i think i'd still dennis prager down there on the air out there with his rabbi train of trying to hammer check from sale radio this seattle crews uh fifty rooms just added sailing us of timber a 14th through the 17th and we'll be performing at the more theater on the 13th will do alive podcasts in seattle so that's always fantastic over there phoenix is coming up mean prager 27th at the g see you arena no safe spaces out of a fund sacramento thunder valleys coming up levity live march 15th santa anna east sports arena those are stand up shows taping stand up shows for tv show there once you got to i am pearl that and find out about everthing the podcast masterclass and get shelf some buck slips manic couldn't get by without him so until mix i'm santa crowe ferment lewis and vinnie torture h and gina grad involved ryan say mahala.

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