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The age Here is Bo Durant. After an issue that's lasted throughout the morning. We have some good news. Finally on the Dan Ryan outbound. All lanes have been reopened at 71st. The investigations into multiple overnight crashes that resulted in fatalities have cleared up. Traffic is now getting through once again on the outbound Ryan all the way down to 95th. We still have a lingering delay from 47th out to 71st but the plug has been pulled and that traffic is now back open on the outbound side of the Dan Ryan inbound, heavy from 35th in two Cermak, That's what we have. Rache involving a summit was blocking the lane for a couple of minutes. Looks like everything is off on the shoulder. Still 25 minutes from 95th into downtown. No Eden's delays in our outbound right now, the Kennedy looking good. Both directions on the Eisenhower inbound. 32 from round 3 90 But just 16 from Mannheim out bounds. Alright. The Stevenson inbound your pretty heavy on the ramp to the inbound Ryan, but the main lines looking Okay, these Stevenson outbound is pretty jammed up passed this road past First Avenue. That's where we have moving roadwork in the right lane. You're looking at 1/2 hour, out 2 to 94. 40 to get from Lakeshore drive all the way into the veterans Tollway, 57 the Bishop border moving at the speed limit both in and out bound, same story on Lake Shore Drive. It's all clear North and South Tri State Tollway North bound so into the 2 90 rampant the South bound side of 2 94 is great. No problems on the Jane Adams. The Reagan told me both directions around 47 roadworks scheduled in the left lane until 53 55. Right 53 combo. You're good eighties, all clear. 80 94 I 65 the Indian and Toll road moving along nicely in Darien Cast South bound, slow approaching 67 because of a crash, so Clarendon Hills is a better choice. Next traffic Report. 9 48 NewsRadio 7 81 5 point out of them w BBMak, you weather we'll have sunshine. A few clouds today will be hot and humid, with a high close to 90 degrees tonight mostly clear the low 75. Then tomorrow, even hotter, Partly.

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