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I had to go in there and i told them it's a clean slate duty eagleton throw the ball wall i'll talk about it if you go out there in africa child i'll talk a buyer i saw you trolling uh a price lessknown trolling i would love to sit down and ask him but drills stuff about lake wh where argue right now i'd love to do that i love to do that with poor shallow i love to do that with the joy and try to clear samir but you know whether or not i don't know i story i don't think they wanna do that and the you know how it works with spring training we're going to get the cheerios most the city of nice interaction stuff with the media of the entire season here in the next few days this is what happens first week of spring training everybody's positive everybody's looking at the sharp it right but you don't what happen icl of what the epa three four five weeks in the spring training you don't get that that that all changes and then they get back here and then you start if you start losing and when you play sixty twogame flew you're going through a losing streak at some point you could be the greatest team in the world you're going to go through what it's real simple i'm just say when you go to break critical really colbert that that the key one that everybody wants to find out that this is the last year that price is obligated to the red sox he has an optout at the edwin next season at the end of this season he was asked about it we will let you hear is answer coming up next dale and holly with which keith assault expands and their knowledge and near recall in their whipped we want paul pierce to we me paul it's a really good in and after the game people got it doc came up he got a huge ovation i love this city a love this of what i do i love this city in the thing has i was like.

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