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A historic landing to tell you about USA radio's John Clemens reports the card Jack did was to die for the international space station but the star liners internal clock costed to obtain the wrong orbit NASA administrator Jim brightens dean said but the first time ever the spacecraft achieved a historic landing on US soil all the others one in the ocean look at the landing it was an absolute original plan called for the star liner to dock with the I. S. S. liver supplies including Christmas presents and power down for a few days before returning to earth Jim Shelton of Boeing I'd like to express burns regrets to the ISS crew to whom we did not bring the Christmas presents not cool Saudi Arabian court sentencing five people to death for the murder of a journalist USA radio's Chris Barnes with the story now from Washington DC the Saudi Arabian public prosecutor making the announcement of the five death sentences and three other prison sentences in connection with the death of journalists from all Castro G. in the Saudi consulate in Turkey last year at the two most senior government officials implicated in the case were cleared of wrongdoing because of insufficient evidence you're so G. R. U. S. citizen and a Washington post columnist was critical of Saudi Arabia and the crown prince Mohammed bin Solomon's policies he was allegedly killed and then dismembered in October of twenty eighteen in the Saudi consulate in instant role by men with close ties to the highest levels of the Saudi government for USA radio news I'm Robert Wilensky have you been thinking about taking an Alaskan vacation well now.

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