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And sometimes you can't think about it in the moment but if you thought about it when you get held up for twenty minutes then you could prosecuted differently this afternoon now we're here in more and more women are out earning the guys they're married to wondering i know you're married i'm not sure what this their financial situation as they are but if you are in that situation how do you handle that i think you need to have those conversations before you get married about the the would have scenarios just like you'd have what if scenarios about a number of things before you mary that person if something happens to me will you take care my parents if i get hit by bus we still be the you know all the kinds of things all the what if questions that you you generally would have with somebody that you're thinking about living the rest of your life with a but i think he should have the money conversation too and don't shy away from that because if that is a problem now it can be a really big problem later because you don't know what's going to happen you may get a big opportunity that you're not even expecting today and that person unfortunately may lose their livelihood then how do you pivot as a couple how do you think about it as one unit so i don't think it should be something that you worry about her handle after you get married i think you should be something that you talk about before you get married what would you like to have known about money when he were thirty that you wish you you knew then let you know now yes i i would have i wish that i had been probably more wellversed around real estate i would say because i'll never forget the biggest money mistake i think i made is my mother tried to get me to buy some land when i was twenty six and notice that said i started really invest in at twenty seven pride.

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