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Is what happened with your car. As mighty dictator dies or some colombians. Who apparently were involved in the assassination of the president of haiti. What's that about and the celebrations in argentina. Messy finally won something that is not money so people destroy at mcdonald's and the ongoing chaos at the us border wall is not working. You will hear all about it on this podcast. Four from the south. That will introduce you to our neighbors to the south. Listen to four from the south. As part of the michael tura podcast network available on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Wherever you get your favorite ships four decades. This area has been a hotbed for paranormal sightings. This is a strange place. This part of the country about it just doesn't right strange things we're having him back then and strange. Things are happening again now. I think i found something. This other. worldly corner of southeastern massachusetts bridgewater trying iheartradio and grim and mild presents. Bridgewater starring measham collins. Melissa ponchio and nathan fillion created by aaron monkey and written by lordship and listen to bridgewater now on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to podcasts. And learn more at grim and mild dot com slash bridgewater. Hi i'm bertam day. Thurston host of the new podcast force multiplier. When i was a kid my favorite cartoon voltron defenders of the universe. I loved these. Individuals combining to form a much more powerful entity. This podcast kind of reminds me of voltron force. Multiplier is about leveling up the impact. We can have on the world through our relationships whether we're talking about health inequity nutrition insecurity or racism. We're facing unprecedented challenges. That require unprecedented collaboration across disciplines and sectors. Join me as i sit with leaders from across the public private and nonprofit world who were forging partnerships to take action when some of the toughest challenges facing us today. Maybe you'll even get inspired yourself. Welcome to force multiply and iheartradio original podcast with salesforce dot org. Let's change the world one relationship at a time. Listen to force multiplier on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast. Final hour dan on the damage. Dan patrick show a wild day. So far cam. Newton got cut or did get released. Did he asked to be released before he was going to get cut. Not sure if we'll ever find out. Tom curren the patriots insider who was with us earlier in the show prior to the announcement that cam was cut and tom current will join us coming up here momentarily boy. They're all in on mack. Jones down and the question is is cam newton. Get another job. I didn't think cam would be fine with being a backup quarterback and i think that that's what a lot of teams looked at if they were gonna bring in cam newton. It'd be nice to him as a backup quarterback but cam still feels like he can play an even now. Does washington pick him up. Would you rather have cam. Newton or ryan fitzpatrick in there. Could he go to the colts. Fbi backup quarterback. I don't i just don't see him. Being a backup quarterback could he go to baltimore and he may not have a choice but in his mind will will. He accept that. How much does he want to be on a roster. I'd be curious about that. With cam. Newton but i thought cam was gonna start for the patriots. I couldn't imagine it bill. Belichick was gonna start the season with a rookie quarterback but if you i mean once again whenever find this out but if you said bella check. Do you want to beat tom. Brady with cam. Newton or mack jones all. He's all in on mack jones. Be like i'm going to bring out the mini me. Tom brady to face. Tom brady in new england and week. Four and he would love that eight seven seven three. Dp show email address teepee. Dan patrick dot com twitter handle at dp show. We will check in with the new orleans saints who were in dallas now because of hurricane ida and i don't know if that season opener against the packers is in jeopardy in new orleans and what might be planned to bring in. Tom curran Nbc sports boston patriots outsider. Apparently you were an insider a couple of hours ago but cam gets released. What happened here. Like i told you that matt jones was going to be the starter. What do you mean outsider. Yeah but did you know that cam would be released. I didn't know how things would come to pass. But i mean i'm telling you out here that that the i mean i'm telling you i mean i'm jay dan i'm on it. I said mack jones is going to be the started now. Whatever kim's reaction was to that consume the probably wasn't that positive because he is now longer new england patriots. But i think it's a an interesting development to me. And i don't know which is more interesting the fact that they let him go or he asked to be what. We're the fact that they've gone with a rookie quarterback probably the latter. Yeah i never thought. Bill would go with a rookie quarterback just didn't but i mean the he he obviously loves what he sees. But i'm guessing cam being familiar with his ego. He's probably going. You're not cutting me. You know i'm going to ask for my release. Sure i narrow which semantics here but can he. I don't even know if somebody's going to be interested in cam because he didn't have any offers until the patriots scooped ema. Yeah and i mean. Here's the thing he's he's an unvaccinated player who is not an accurate thrower who plays a unique style a quarterback that needs to certain set of factors in place to make him his most successful. So i think it could be a little bit of time before he hooks on with somebody. You know as i said you know. Wanna call him yesterday and today don't be so the camps going to be the starter because when you look at mac jones's workload compared to camps. They were not preparing cam. Newton to start season he had drives against the giants in two drives against the eagles. Miss five days last week. There's been very few days if anyone. He's out played mack jones so the only reason that people were clinging to the idea the cam would start was the fact that he was starting preseason games. But that's largely symbolic to well. I also think and you bring up some great points here. That i don't know if those five days that he missed and mack jones was taken all the reps with the number ones there what he was doing in games like he never felt like he was overwhelmed in with any of this. But do you think not. Being vaccinated played any role in in cam. Newton being released by the patriots the patriots want their players to be vaccinated period. And i think that last week's occurrence even on a minor technicality. Not a close contact. Not a positive test. None of that missing attest amplified for them. The tenuousness of his availability. Certainly that has to way into it whether that's number five number. Three number nine absolutely every single player is going to be evaluated on backs nation status. He's tom current patriots. 'insider who told us a couple of days ago that mack jones should be the starter and now you got your wish. I didn't care dan. I'm just trying to chronicle team. You know all right. I mean what's your what's your first question for bella. Check when you say. Hey you say.

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