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Advice with a little lower. They like rats like tasio fantastic. Yeah I used to look forward to that section show you have kids you wash it over and over and over there I was. I was really glad that they got Oakland. This early. Do you remember which version that you saw. Disney did today arena The in the in the nineties but they were only slash streamline edition Nice. You guys are really dirt's question. The Disney version has Dakota fanning and L. Fanning as the as the leads the Rita. They lot the rights expired and so Disney did a new version with fascination. Same Innovation. Yeah they just did a new DAB of it yeah and also Pat Carroll plays granny. Who's best from Ursula so lying and in Tim Daly who then Superman I always just like as the dad and I was like the two me. There's a lot of cool things with the new DUB but Speaking of the the cat bus Do you know the lower behind that lake ago. I'd love to. It's apparently in Japanese lower myth and legend that when cats get to like so old they can shape shift. And that's what that is it turns into a bus and there's actually a sequel to it. That's never been shown in America only premiered several times in a museum and it's May and the cat bus and there's more than just a cap busters like a cat train. A cat submarine. There's a kitten bus the world of cat vehicles. What all you gotta go there. You've got to go to Japan. Hockey's museum that I think that'd be a treat for you. That's awesome absolutely so Jonathan's favor part. Is the cat bus. What about everybody else? I love go. I was I was going to say the The pine trees growing the when they go out and they do kind of like the dancing and the tree just keeps keeps on growing. It was so cool and then their celebration. Even after they learned that it wasn't real like still they like sprung up out of the ground and they were like yeah. It's still a success gusting ever. Did you watch the Fox or the Disney version? It was the Disney version. I honestly I didn't know until after I watched it and was doing all my research. I was like what I missed out. So it's funny because in the Disney version Says I didn't think I thought it was a dream. It may says but it wasn't a dream and in the Fox version. They say we did it. We did it. We did it. So it's it's a very interesting like oh like what were they trying to want to? Maybe address the dream. Yeah well it's interesting because like a high oh Miyazaki. When NOSCO THE VALUE OF THE WIND? I came to America. He was very upset with how the dubbing went because it cut sequences out. They changed dialogue. And so I'm breaking relationships with them and no matter what every movie that I have come out. They catch campaign chair. Here's all that and so like it's interesting but that change so what happened so I mean like interesting like what cat bus like that. I think the names like Nikko. Busu They changed that to say cat bus specifically instead of saying calling echo buster. So it's it's it's very interesting to see like what changed between two. I had the pleasure and privilege and time because we have all the time now to watch both versions though. Yeah for me. It's the Bus Stop seeing the the raindrops for me. It's it's a really beautiful change from this. Really almost depressing. Melancholy feel to Totoro showing up in changing the entire viewpoint of the kids from being sad in the reigning waiting for their data and making it a a fun thing there at the bus. And it's taking it takes a long time for even like their data commenting seven minutes in. Looks like it's getting worse and worse and more more and more terrifying and he's just there it. Yeah like to correspond. Yeah it definitely kind of hearkens back to the reality of like one day. They will not have their parents. And what did they do? When those kind of scary and Maybe Darker Times happen And it's like the embracing of Toronto really helps them get through it. Yeah and it plays for for the entire narrative especially okay. Well have a real quick question. I believe in the Fox version. It's sukey right. And then in the Disney version Taller Satsuki. Okay 'cause I like closer to the real pronunciation right. Yeah so in my mind I keep trying to be like okay which yeah. Yeah there's a character in Naruto that's named sauce gay and it's spelt Satsuki if you will get it but so to me. I've always been like those us and the ease every once in a while. Sometimes you gotta like our house trying to make sure I wasn't hearing things. Satsuki is the correct. Yeah no that makes sense I was. I just wasn't sure which one had had had witch but it's it's you know being able to make sure that you can take these moments and change them into something more powerful as something that sets has to learn by the by the end of the film but but losing her sister and the the gravity of all that comes to pass and then finding our and being able to get to their mom by the end of it is just. It's a really beautiful You know day to day but coming of age age story Kalem I. I don't have a favorite like seen per se. I know every maybe no I I am the type of person who likes the like on the back of the neck typist is. We have established for me. It's a lot of the smaller moments of like. May when she shows up at Satsuki school and she's like really upset and they're like they try and talk to her but she's like a four year old so she just has this like static face like nothing can deter me from by mission right now and like. I don't know the the little emotions that are put in their those. I think are my favorite part just parts in general of of just how anchor at those tiny moments really are too. Yeah well. He's like he's very good pulling from from his own real experiences. I mean you're eating that. His mom suffered from tuberculosis And that's where the moms illness came from this. And just being able to Kinda therapeutically talk about the things that he's been through in such a relatable way is one of his greatest strength. I mean you're talking about a movie that comes from a completely different culture and yet it's still hitting us in in the way he intended. Because it's about you know human relations rather than cultural changes. Let's go ahead. He's also said that like if he didn't grew up because the landscape this movie is inspired from his actually based on where he grew up So he said if he didn't grow up where he grew up. This film never would have been made. So it's it's I think to me. It's more of a love letter to his childhood a little bit. I mean transplanted at the beginning of the movie. Doesn't aren't they moving into the yeah? Yeah very from the city that they end up having to go to the hospital. Yeah Yeah to be closer to the mom that happened very very autobiographical on his point. And I mean like if is all takes place before in. Nineteen fifty eight Japan because he really wanted to include like no. Tv's technology. And I think to that point like you are being transplanted. And so like that's the thing about period pieces right and you can always kind of just like it's that one step easier to just be part of fantasy and I think that's a really beautiful thing that he does. Miyazaki was like he's so his ability to transport you to another time. Another place I think plays into his craft of like creating a fantasy gonNA compared to Disney. It's like it's it's a little bit more subtle it's so much more nuance it's a is also relatable. Because it's like it's pretty much based in reality it's based in reality and then their and then the the manifestation of these like all right cool in those parts of the fantasy ham happen. Yeah I I just love the my. My favorite scene is probably going to be that the tree growing in the middle of the night Just because it was it was just so fun to launch and and just love them like playing the acorn instruments on the top while like the data by the music and was enjoying it. Or whatever like that just was really cool magical seen and it was just like kind of breathtaking to watch that like Tree just format nothing. You know like okay. That's growing now. It was an interesting experience washing. Because I've I've heard. And of course seen like Totoro the character is such a mascot for Studio Ghibli and it's everywhere and I didn't. I didn't get the references I was like. That's a really cute character. That's neat now that I get to see it. It was an interesting experience. It's it's like those when you get to see something that you've I'm GONNA say missed out on like I just never never watched it up until this point and once I saw it I was like. Yeah I missed out. This is a really good movie this much. You all watch it. Prior to this day we we definitely have so many. Wash it young. I watched the Disney version like a while ago. But I didn't watch until like I was in college because I've watched like all the other music films except that one I had somehow avoided that one. Spin it for this spirit away. Magno Castle on the Sky Housman Castle but then like for this was like let me watch the like the first American. You know Broadcast version of it. And I watch that when I was like okay now. I can have a premise of life. Where you know lake to your point Jonathan Roles like your children have watched it and it was just like oh for sure so like now. I know what they experienced is what I experienced planning as it has as we're talking about it guy literally haven't seen it in maybe fifteen years and as you mentioned these things they they come flowing back bring the and something just came to me that. I remember vividly. I guess it was on the way to the House that they were moving into us. They didn't know anything about and they drove by but must have been rice Told us a story that we're leaving the city we're going to going to the country and it's it's going to be much quieter much. Calmer at what would they traveling traveling? trucks wheels definite unlike. The girls were hiding in in the back of the truck with all the stuff. 'cause music a moment where she's like. Oh no I thought that was a policeman. It's a mailman. The wave of overlying tragedy spelt there was were they moving there because they wanted poster the mom because the mom and they want to get closer to the mom and as somehow you do that without being told that. I I remember I mean it the music and just kind of the way. It's portrayed visually Kinda give you this field that something. It's not like super exciting now moving. It's not for some reason joyful. Exactly the kids are finding the joy in it but it's not that untold nature of like okay. Well we'll something must have happened to cause them to want to move from the city so in the house move into this broken down kind of like romanticize dilapidated house so you get that vibe right away before. Finding out that anything's wrong with your kids. I remember that I had been to Japan for a lot of the animation. I'm sure it's recognizable to Japanese people as a house that they would have seen a rundown place up the country or camp campus. Somebody's played by the late. That but had been had been writing the whole flop house but it had it had such a distinctively Japanese by to it that it was. Yeah it was interesting it away with a bad on yes exactly and the separation of the rooms that have slept shit was uninsured it was mundane to solve but to me as in America is married Yeah and the design the design. Yeah a lot with your with your daughter. Do you remember those details? If I if I may ask Jonathan do you know how do you remember a recall how you came across Totoro or even Miyazaki as as a director or this? This guy mentioned earlier either Laura yes. Edeka post production on the show recommended it. Okay at the moment I tried it. I felt like it was a gift to me. Could.

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