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Seven yards and i mean the only three touchdowns but again to get to one thousand yards there's only nine running back that actually did that last year so the thing about it is the c j anderson was absolutely well like guy in the locker room us well liked by the media he was a leader on this team there was lots of arguments to keep it there's no question about that really what it is is that the broncos are in the midst of a bit of a culture change and they're also looking at some contracts that they need to start thinking about beyond this year including bradley roby so for c j anderson with four point five million dollars cap hit zero dead money it became more of a business decision more so than a talent or ability or impact on the team kinda decision in that case ryan i guess it makes the players thank hey look we're all fungible it probably may helps them recalibrate saying hey he was well liked he was successful here but it is a business in any of us can be gone so you probably just focus at the task at hand no question and and that's the thing for the players they get it you know that's the point of all this is hey the business part of the nfl is always looming over your head and there's also another factor in this too is this upcoming draft which of course will cover on koa will cover any orange and blue is going to be filled with really really talented running backs so the broncos are kind of in a position to get a bit younger at that position they already have devante booker deandra henderson devante booker has been the league for a couple of years daniel henderson was a rookie last year and then they outta rookie depending on how high and all of a sudden you can kinda remake that room just a little bit on the fly so they were getting a little bit younger at that too.

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