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The wife is the third decide with her own and she ends up capturing and executing day already and philip the third and she also captured cassandra's brother one hundred of his partisans mass executions. Now cassandra has his own strong force blockades in besieges olympias and one of the terms of capitulation was at olympia would be spared but now lo and behold when all the dust settled cassandra decides to execute olympias as well but none of his soldiers actually want to do it. The majority of the reason really is because she is the mother of alexander. The great and she has this exalted status even as an enemy. So what cassandra. Eventually during is allowing relatives their friends of previous people olympia had had executed stone. Her so she didn't come out of it. Great she put up a very good final fight. She sure did. And what's interesting too. Is the just taking a step back To the point where she's snapped malay it's her faction Alexandria the fourth her grandson and supported by roxana and like she's fighting against the other very legitimate. Though disabled son of philip the second philp the third perfectly legitimate stream of descendants to go through and his wife. Ada you reynecke who who is married to fill up. The third was done so by her. Mother ki nani competitor. daughter of philip as well. There's so many women at play just in this one snapshot in this one battle. You have several streams of descendants through fella and the leary and wife and then through olympia and her grandson and it's almost like the different streams of female led opposition. Finally come to this this this really important moment and i think one of the stories that struck me as they got to that point when some of the army was going to support philip third and fda ridiculing. She is a queen. Like yes yeah. Her mother kanani went on campaign with her. Father felt the second was like in the same marshall fashion as sandra the great she was half sister and for all intents and purposes a boss incredibly competent military leader. Got the same kind of framing to a degree and her daughter. She apparently imparted this on his well. Because even an idea is supposed to be very young when all of this is happening and she's still kicking ass yet. I mean she still addressing the army's herself as you would expect a king to and she even dressed as a macedonian soldier when the forces were supporting her and philip third. I was going to bring that up is awesome guy. You did that. Olympias in this instance was more symbolic. She wasn't actually fighting or anything but her role was powerful enough that even just the sight of her was enough to convince soldiers on the opposing side to defect to her side. Just the history behind her what she represented. But as you said there's also a history of argued royal women taking a much more marshall forward thinking role really terms of how these things get written about. The women don't tend to come out too well but not so much in the case of kennedy our her daughter like they sort of said like she. She pushed the envelope too far. He ninety does get murdered and then of course idea ridicule and philip. The third get killed but they did manage to actually make their will unfold. To appoint of so yeah. I just thought that was super cool and it also relates to the archaeological debate about the to vima where there was kings learn ex that was found which is sort of the tiny square coffin shaped and the cremated remains of a man were.

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