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Left four people dead. Based on interviews with suspect Brian Reilly. Judd says Riley believed God told him to rescue someone named Amber and was angry when Justice Gleeson told him to go away because there was no amber in his house, and that's when Brian Riley, are Suspect our murder suspect. Said. God told me to kill everyone. And to rescue Amber. Because she's a victim of sex trafficking, Judd says. Riley has provided details about the shooting, even admitting how he shot an 11 year old girl numerous times when she denied being Amber. We posted the complete briefing from Sheriff Judd W. F l a news dot com. Well, the sheriff says he'd like to see a lot of people give a little bit to help the family. Sadly, he says, scammers may already be at work and there are four Uh, sites that have been set up Go fund me sides. One of those is a suspicious site. We are determining whether or not it's valid at this time, Judd says. Anyone wishing to donate can do so by sending it to Polk Sheriff's charities, he says 100% of the money raised will go to help the family. Hillsborough County schools have seen the number of students and teachers quarantine because of covid infections dropped by 50% since the district put a mandatory mask order in place. Parents like Jackie Younger, I'd say she won't send her kids to class unless everyone is masking up. Its covid numbers were going up so exponentially that I was like, I don't feel safe with you. Their masks remain optional in Pinellas, Pasco and Polk counties. Training camp preseason all behind us. Now defending champion Bucks Open the NFL season tonight against the Dallas Cowboys..

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