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Brendan iribe knew we had a show the night so use kind enough to go on twitter and do half of our job for us he said i had the fire general flynn because he lied to the vicepresident and the fbi uh things man i got it from here so you knew flynn lied and then acts call me to stop his investigation that's obstruction who's your lawyer all right nope meal guy the crazy thing is is that as bad as this looks this is still donald trump talking about and i've heard people say oh there's no way trump walks from this one at least 38 times already look regrets it is still the president's somehow i'll be what else does the fbi knee they have with ninety pound conviction rate a high snitch and a confession on twitter so this next year donald trump is in in prison corn role and some brother name lunch meets hair then want all noga model you're too so now let's them even hamdoon analysis that's pretty interesting i mean that's perception it's in a lot of the media then all clearly we're working toward the obstruction thing except alltime except for professor dershowitz of harboured who is a big time clinton supporter ming campaign for her i'm saying now there's no way this is obstruction just isn't there's no way it can't be legally speaking well does his analysis so more commercials or does old what's his name oh it's all about commercials nobody's selling truth they're selling commercials they're trying to get your whipped up in your camps i must just be ample whip up maybe appeals to my lazy it's like i don't want to get worked up about things or spend time reading about things that aren't going to happen right i i will not listen to nor speak a single word on the stupid tax thing the conference committee and i understand what it is i mean i suppose you know in a healthy democracy were debating it as our representative is getting ready to vote and then offering up our input to him or her but that's ridiculous that's not the way it happens the lobbyists right the law would ever party is in power than the votes for the party this out of power they don't get a single vote for the rest of it than they call each other satan and we all go back to our homes by i'll tell.

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