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KOMO Seattle KOMO FM, Oakville 20 minutes of nonstop news starts Now It's the co Moh afternoon news and coming up not wearing a mask could now land you in jail. I'm Jeff Pooja with the new enforcement actions from the city of Seattle. It's 65 at three. From ABC News. I'm Daria All the ER. The school year will start for millions of us kids the way the last one ended. Many state officials say Covert 19 is still too much of a threat so they'll continue with online education that includes at least 32 counties in California. Most California school Children will not be returning to campus is in the full due to Governor Gavin Newsom's new order mandating distance learning because of high Cove in 19 rates and in more rural areas where they May be allowed to return, Newsom says. There will be strict rules. All staff and students in third grade and above must wear masks. Students in the second grader below we strongly encourage. Plus, he says. Days will have to begin with temperature checks and regular cove in 19 testing of staff at like Stone. ABC News, Los Angeles, Texas will allow schools to distance educate for at least a week's The governor of Iowa. Kim Reynolds, however, says Kids must be in the classroom At least half of the time. Dr Anthony Fauci today told the Chamber of Commerce Foundation that masks are a must period. We know that masks are really important, and we should be using them. Everyone. New cases of covert 19 this week topped ah, half a 1,000,000 nationwide. And Iowa chemistry student turned meth kingpin was put to death today. The third federal execution this week just in Hong Kong, was convicted of killing five people, including two young girls. A Supreme Court justice is being treated again for cancer. But Ruth Ada Ginsberg says chemotherapy won't keep her off The job. Just Ginsberg says her cancer treatments getting positive results, and it's unrelated to an issue with her pancreas earlier this week. This time it's cancer of the liver. President Trump has said he would like to appoint 1/3 Supreme Court justice. But for now, Justice Ginsburg's She's fully able to continue working while receiving treatment. Amy sees Andi Field in Washington. You're listening to ABC News. Stay connected. Stay informed the camo afternoon news and we'll underline It's the Friday come. Oh, afternoon news. Hi. I'm Rick Fanseyes. ELISA Jaffe has the day off and in downtown Seattle. Now we're at 63 under cloudy skies. Here's what's happening. I'm Cyril Marrow investigators now, say both a police officer Jonathan Shoop, who died in an incident Monday during a suspect Chase was shot by his police partner during crossfire. Detectives say Shoop was Driving the patrol car when the suspect fired into the driver's side. The other officer was in the passenger seat when he returned fire with soup in the middle. He was killed when he was hit by one of the rounds. I'm Jeff Pooja loves the city of Seattle is threatening to shutter businesses and throw people in jail for violating covert 19 orders the mayor's office as they've been doing outreach and education, but the cases continue to rise. The repeated or egregious violations, individuals could be jailed and companies have their licenses revoked. A tip line has even been set up to report violators. Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson is finding a new laws who challenging the Trump administration's new rules that would roll back anti discrimination. Healthcare protections for LGBTQ, you patients. The A G says the change would allow a wide range of healthcare organizations to discriminate against patients, particularly those who are transgender. Ferguson's lawsuit says the new rules defy a recent Supreme Court ruling that said discrimination on the basis of transgender status or sexual orientation is unlawful. Firefighters in Everett battling that massive blaze the destroyed half of a waterfront apartment complex under discrediting under construction last night. The big, intense fire yesterday at the waterfront place apartments dropped embers onto a nearby hillside threatening existing homes, including Mary Morrissey, just watched as the fire grew on, it was.

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