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Geico restart it'll be a one lap dash to the green white. Checkered flag that concludes stage number one, you gotta think Jeff that's the reason. Denny Hamlin elected to stay on the race track gambling that this stage was going to end under caution. And he would get the stage. One win. It's looking like that's not gonna pay off. What he's not the only one who stayed out. I said he was the only one that did not come to pit road. Stenhouse did not come to pit road. Apparently Clint Boyer also staying on the race track. So the eleven seventeen and fourteen Hamlin Stenhouse Boyer top three when we go back under the green flag old tires compared to that. The kyle. Bush has got four brand new good. Is this even going to be a race when they dropped the green flag? It really shouldn't be. I think when they dropped the green flag, Kabul should get right past them. And go ahead and end up winning stage one at that point. But I do really think that Denny Hamlin crew thought he could stay out in win this race under caution at the end of stage one I don't believe that's going to happen. What just have to wait and see obviously right now, these guys are trying to get all of the stage points, they can as a reminder at pays down the top ten positions for stage points, and that's what they're trying to do. Right now. Everybody's trying to get a point or more yesterday. The NASCAR series the production alliance group three hundred we saw Michael and Aetna. Couple of other drivers Noah Gregson being one stay out on older tires, Jeff. And by the time they got to the back stretch. After the green flag, flew. They were literally around tenth if not further back. Tony Hamlin was second at the time of the money line caution when we get to the end of the stage and we see the green checkered flag. I would imagine that everybody will stay out. Meaning Hamlin would have to go to pit road. And that's gonna shuffle the field. Here we go. The field is coming to the Geico restart zone. Great news. There's quick way. You can save money. Switch to Geico. Go to Geico dot com and in fifteen minutes, you could save fifteen percent or more on car insurance. Well, here comes the crowd back to their feet. And why not this is going to be good one lap to end at Denny Hamlin. Easily. Getting Kyle Busch already up the second green flag backout as they head back to turn number wine. It's daddy Hamlin at the front of the field on the older tires. Her comes Kyle Busch on the fresh tires right to the bottom of the racetrack. Kyle Busch assumes the race lead in your crashing behind Ricky Stenhouse, two years. That how? Money lion. Caution is on the speedway. That means the stage. One will end under the money lion caution for a problem over in front of Kyle Ricky were fanning out three and four wide and simply ran out of room and Ricky Stenhouse juniors the car, they got turned off of turn number two. And somehow some way everybody missed him. Stenhouse is able to keep the car off the outside wall spun to the bottom of the race track in continues on with minimal if any damage well at one point they were five wide and to say that we could see that coming as the green. Checkered flag is displayed over Kyle Busch that will be stage when number three for me to say that we could kind of see that coming was an understatement. Don't you think? Well, yeah. When you stay out of old tires and everybody around us on new tires. You're just asking for you really are. And that's basically what happened to Ricky Stenhouse, he came off a turn to the car wasn't handling you to get on the throttle a little bit earlier look to me.

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