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W M A L F M WOODBRIDGE, Washington Now more than ever depends on 105.9 FM. W M A L A CUMULUS STATION news. Now I'm doing more policies of the Trump Administration. I'm Joe Cheer up. Fox News around is praising a couple of changes by President Biden in regard to Yemen, reversing one of the most criticized decisions of the Trump Administration and removing that terrorist designation from the Houthi rebels Now the bike Administration says they're doing that simply because they want to make it easier to get food and aid to the people living under the control of the Houthi rebels. That's about 24 million people, and they are in a humanitarian crisis that is often described as the worst in the world. The second and this came Friday is that the U. S. Has declared a halt to us to port for the Saudis military campaign in Yemen. Both these actions are aimed at the same thing less thing the blow on civilians on the ground in Yemen because the bite administration believes the Saudis are responsible. For causing the humanitarian crisis functions. Right show code. President Biden doesn't think Donald Trump should receive intelligence briefings was you've been given a president's after leaving office, What value is giving him and intel sufficient? What impact does he have it all other than the fact he might slip and say something? Biden in a CBS news interview. Memorial today for FBI special agent a large shorts and Berger, who was killed this past week while trying to serve a warrant in Sunrise, Florida FBI Director Christopher Wray. She led a life of sheer determination, dedication and courage. Someone who really loved her work and the people she worked with. And of a woman who loved her family. Even more FBI special agent to Daniel Elfin was also gunned down. Four skiers are dead after an avalanche and Utah's Millcreek Canyon just southeast of Salt Lake City, police say four other people were also buried but managed to dig themselves out. The medical condition of the survivors has not been released. America is listening, Fox News Somebody want Mayo News at 702. I'm Steve. Coming another weekend. Another snowstorm. The D. C. Metro area is under a winter storm warning from three o'clock tomorrow morning until noon. Storm Watch seven meteorologist Rachel K. So this isn't gonna be anything like last weekend where we had Multi day weather maker that created difficult conditions for 34 days. No, this is gonna be kind of a 12 hour or less, even in and out system, she says. Depending on where you live, you could get anywhere between a trace to six inches of snow. If you live in Virginia, you'll soon be able to go to a CBS to get the covert 19 vaccine. Governor Northam says. It's part of the federal pharmacy partnership. We have worked with CBS to start with their stores that are within reach of people who are more vulnerable. Those age 65 up. Those who are of low income and those from disadvantage communities. CVS is starting with 36 locations sometime late next week. He says they're still working with CBS and the CDC to figure out how registration will work. What kind of cranky stand up comic teach kids about launching a career in show business. What really help mostly was just doing it over and over and over again. Montgomery County schools asked Lewis Black, a comic headliner and graduate of Springbrook High School to do Seminar on making it big. His best advice applies to all careers When you're dealing with an idiot. Just keep it to yourself. You don't know where along the line, you're gonna have to see that idiot again. Just shut up. I didn't It was yours. Lt took me much longer to get Where I was trying to get to And if distance learning makes you crazy, just go off somewhere and scream for a while. I mean it. It will make you feel better. John Matthews on W M A. L and W m a l dot com WR Radio News time is 704 now w e mail, traffic and weather from the Hadid carpet Cleaning Traffic center Habitable way is in terrible shape over PG County. We're trying to recover from an outer love incident. Coming into the Camp Springs area with the crash and bobbing six vehicles blocking your left lanes. You will be crawling with associated congestion. It is the parking lot with jams for coming from 2 95 from the Anacostia Freeway. I'll stop no goal, which we're trying to make your way towards French Avenue. You definitely would avoid this if at all possible and across the freeway Sound down. Also try to recover from an incident near Malcolm X Avenue be sluggish here with associative congestion place as well, but jams from Super Parkway Now from garage door appeared calm. But w e mails so much 7 40 I want your storm warning is in effect from 3 a.m. to noon on Sunday. We'll see clouds increasing tonight the best chance for precipitation beginning after midnight through the early morning hours have the spirit of snow looks likely between around seven and 10 A.m. on Sunday, finally wrapping up as we head towards mid day. Now we're expecting around to four inches of snow centers by the afternoon back into the lower forties. Already starting that melt, we'll go back in the mid thirties for highs on Monday under partly These guys? I'm ABC seven meteorologist. Alex will get this car much. Seven Weather center When the brink Aretha Franklin recorded respect. It became more than just one of the greatest tones of all time..

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