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For three years is here with us on the show today. A Paul hood, CPA meet Mr Chris Collins. Oh, I mean, over there, Paul Ivy meat are you there, Paul? I'm here. Chris paul. Yeah. He he controls my words by cutting the lights out everyday. It's it is instead of phone, sticks across the studio. He talks grew up super-poor. I did. I did do what question do you have for Chris Collins CPA now, you're firms doing great? This question, do you have for Chris by his mindset? Yeah. Chris, well, the what I wanna know Chris in, in our practices very successful. We have clients all over the country and what we do is a lot like you and Klay dues. We, we help businesses become successful for specifically from a measuring standpoint. My question for you is, is, do you see a see a commonality between these businesses that you come in, and work with is there kind of a common theme both on the negative side. And then, so which in reality means there's a common thing on the on the on the successful side. Yeah, that's a, that's a great question. And I don't in in my experience. There is one answer to that. But there's a there's a couple of commonalities and something that I learned very, very early on is the first step in success is that you have to own the responsibility. So there's, there's a lot of entrepreneurs out there that have the right idea. But they're always victim. It's the markets fault. It's, you know, it's the situation that they're in the industry, they're in it's their fault, but they, you know, they don't look in the mirror, so the, the most important part of being successful. Entrepreneurs accepting a hundred percent of the responsibility for your outcomes, whether you can control it or not, you have to accept responsibility. And so that, that's the first part. And then the second part is being a great marketer marketing is probably the most important tool if you can't sell. More and you can't get people in the door. It's really hard to cut a business into profitability. In fact, I've over the years gone into businesses that just laid off twenty people, and I have to ask you get those twenty people back. We, we need him 'cause we need somebody to answer the phone, and, you know, do things and so sales, everything you have to be able to market. And so you can never cut any any business into profitability or I haven't, you know, figured out how to do that, in a scalable in a scalable way. So accepting all the responsibility understanding your market, and then there's a great quote, and this is kind of third one that is you can accomplish anything in life as long as someone else does. I think about that for second. You can accomplish anything in life as long as someone else does it. And if you wanna be successful entrepreneur, you have to have talent around you and talent that can make you successful you need to hire people better than you, you need to have systems in place that they're held accountable for their results. And that they're very clear on what the results are that they need to deliver. But you can accomplish anything in life as long as someone else, does, it, you're going to try to be the one that does everything you, you will implode you'll hit a wall. It's not scalable. You only have so many hours in day, then so much energy. The best entrepreneurs are.

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