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That's Napa know how Eric Zeier slides into the bucket seat alongside and I said We were going to game plan, but that's a little bit later on in the show. We're gonna talk some defense right now. And ZR. Unfortunately, our top cornerback Eric Stokes has elected to sit out today. His backup DJ Daniel, also will not participate in this top 10 skirmish. Two guys, however, who have not bailed out or cornerback Tyson Campbell and safety Chris Smith. Both of whom are asking were asked today This'll week about the bear cats attacking whoever our third string cornerback is that fills the position vacated by Stokes and Daniels. You just your defense and all the players in the defense. No other books are capable of making big play. So Whether balls throwing My side or not the other corner cider to the safety's. It's a lot better so all the players are capable of making the plan. They might try to attack decide that, Stokes says vacated but No, don't like Titus here. We trust our love players. You know, we got guys that they're ready for this moment. That's Chris Smith, preceded by Tyson Campbell and this bear Cat offense. It's a spread option attack. They're going to put pressure on any defense. If they play show, as you have, guys that are gonna be new into a football game. There is gonna be some intentional targeting there to see if you can find any weaknesses. But the key to this bear cat offense. It really does run through Desmond redder. The quarterback for this bear cat offense, it is, is a dual threat guy. He could hurt you with his legs. He could hurt you throw in the football, and regardless of who's in the football game for the dogs to be successful a day you have to contain Ritter. Keep him in the pocket, make him as one dimensional as you can make him And when he does run the football, put him on the ground is much as you can and and try to be disruptive. In that fashion. It's Very sound offensive unit. They're not bringing anything to the table that the dogs haven't seen this year, however, but what they're playing in the high level Well, getting Jordan Davis back has been a huge boost to the defensive line. We saw that in the last game. There's no question about it. You know, Georgia. We've got a plethora of great athletes at the linebacker position, but I don't care how much talent how much speed you have. If you don't have the big boys up front toe. Let those linebackers run free. So those defensive lineman that their job is to contain and get bodies on offensive lineman so they can't get to the second level. When he's in the football game. It's a better defense. Well. Two linebackers won't be playing though. Today we're gonna be missing money. Rice, who is going to get that foot healed up once and for all for the NFL draft, and and Jermaine Johnson has decided to transfer the FS you truly is next man up in and where we're seeing a lot here with his Georgia football team that this week and coming into this football game, we We saw it last year, so many guys opting out of a bowl games. It is an opportunity for that next man to step up, and fortunately for the dogs, we've got just loads of talent Sitting back there. Nolan Smith. At the Kobe Dean, chaining Kendall, who's played fantastic football eyes going to get an opportunity to be on the field a lot more. Today it's their time to showcase their talents on and earn starting positions in the next year. All right, Nicely done. See when Tomi it's leather today at noon are Bulldogs will make official there 57th. All Time bowl appearance that number trails only Alabama for the most bowl berths in college football history will come back with just retired athletic director Greg McGarity. He'll join us live here in our booth from Mercedes Benz Stadium. After this on the Bulldogs Sports Network..

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