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And make it much more expensive to travel to make things to use any energy, our economy that hits everybody and also. Business. Taxes are paid by workers. This is the research that even the Obama Administration as we point out in the book in the in their economic report of the president. Realized is you burdens on business and the result is lower wages and it's been Joan. In our country in countries all around the world. For years in lots of studies done by Kevin acid before he went to work at the White House so so the the idea that you can crush. Employers and employees will be fine. Is kind of the fantasy in the heart of the Biden Economic Program. The other aspect of this you guys cover I think in chapter nine, which is, is it biden comics that is coming burning onyx I'm paraphrasing here from the best memory I have here either of you could take this in the couple of minutes we have remaining is Biden AMEX turning out to be burning comics chapter nine Maria. Do you WanNa talk about how Bernie Sanders agenda is really going to be running the government if Joe? Biden wins yeah I mean they came up with a unity task force in a unity tasks statement to talk about where the priorities were and that meant redoing energy redoing education redoing healthcare and I think you know as as We saw Joe Biden moves closer to Bernie. It became clear that what he was trying to do was addressed Bernie, rose and address the far left progressive and that's where he has been. He has been driven over the last year or even more in terms of his agenda being much more progressive than what people call him a moderate. He's really not a moderate and Kamla Harris is not a moderate either and so these are very expensive big government programs, socialistic programs. And I think it's GonNa be hard for him to not implement some of these promises in these agreements that he has with Bernie Sanders because what people are expecting is Elizabeth Warren to have a very important voice in the Cabinet Bernie Sanders to have a very important point. In fact, I understand that they're talking about if the Democrats take the Senate that Bernie Sanders will become the chairman of the budget committee whereas Lindsey Graham would get it if the Republicans are there. Bernie Sanders budget is GonNa look much different than Lindsey, Graham's. So we have to understand what that means in terms of the allocation of taxpayer money toward more things like climate change the environment renewables, big healthcare plans, James. What do you think? Do you think that right now he's there or he's just saying he's there and then he won't implemented. To implement it and journey say, no, you know arm-in-arm I'm singing to writing about There's there's a consensus among some investors that..

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