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Family's Christmas tree to place. Her first ornament in another Neil lay on the floor with Lillian on his chest. And she had this big smile. Looking at her mom as Rachel snapped a picture in raise Chila posted that picture on their website with the caption. I love my daddy. This is something that people would look back on just with enormous sadness in confusion about what happened. So as far as Priscilla Joseph were concerned, Rachel inter family could stay with them in the cover house forever. Priscilla really loved having her daughter granddaughter there. But Neil understandably I'd say wanted to move his family into their own home. It was kind of stifling to live with his wife's parents. He said, especially when he was having a hard time finding a job. So he was around the house a lot. He had gone to several interviews. But none of the computer companies it showed any interest in hiring him. But he acted as if money wasn't an issue at all he told his in laws that he was earning ten thousand dollars a month from the English military to advise them on secretive, computer programs. So even if you didn't get another job that was definitely enough money for him to provide for Rachel and Lillian. Sure. So the parents weren't worried not at that point, even if they went out for dinner as a family, the whole group of them Neil would always pull out a credit card and give it to the weight person before anyone else could pay. He wouldn't let anyone else pay. So I think he wanted to look like the big spender, of course, the at whistles were living on credit though. So really he did not have the money. Rachel would explain their lack of cash by saying that Neal's money was tied up in offshore accounts. Those complications would make the purchase of a home in possible for them. Mm-hmm. But then they started looking at expensive rental houses in the communities surrounding Carver. And this is when Priscilla became a little worried about Neil story. She had her guard set up slightly, especially after he gave her a business card supposedly for his own high-tech startup company. And this card was just a folded piece of paper held together with cellophane tape, and it read E N T embedded new technologies. So this didn't look like a real business card at all. It looked like something he put enough the computer input tape on. Exactly. And it doesn't take much money to order business cards. No doesn't now. But still I guess Priscilla respected their privacy. That's the way that she had been raised. And the way she'd raised Rachel is that everybody's allowed their own privacy. Especially in financial matters. You know, these are New England values in a New England. You don't talk about money. Don't. And you talk about sex before money, but that's still pretty far down the list. Also true now, she had no reason to suspect Neil of anything and Neilan. Rachel's finances to her where none of her business. But if she did any research on Neil's business, she would have found out that the companies address was untrimmed street in Carver the location of Priscilla. Joe's home. Besides this though, his inlaws d-. Otherwise, had no worries about his dedication to his family Priscilla notice that Neil looked at ritual with complete admiration. Lily's christening Neil smile, probably took photos of Rachel holding lily. And after she was baptized who is surely after the christening that Neilan Rachel announce that they were going to move into a rented house in nearby Hopkinton Priscilla was secretly disappointed, but she did take comfort in knowing that the new house was close enough. So that it could still be part of their daily lives. Well, and Rachel inter mom did speak every day. Yeah. They were very close. As you said, they were the baby seemed even can make them closer and January fourteenth two thousand six Neil. Rachel and baby Lillian moved into a nice four bedroom. Colonial home at six cups path in Hopkinton. The house was listed for sale for five hundred forty nine thousand dollars in Neil..

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