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Record him. Many. Bandmann is. So these days, do you find yourself strictly on guitar in the have other people play bass feel the inspiration on occasion that you need to play bass? Know that my latest report, and I play bass. Most of the lines on it up. Did. Very shown time that, that might be stay up. All right. Let's listen to that. Now is that if that's okay with you? We have a brand new single. This is the buckle records label out of Bordeaux, France. Brand new scheduled to be released June. Seventh we got a little bit early from Sarah Ferdie, shutout, Sarah, this evening. This is Clinton Barron's latest single jazz version of tune entitled time impact all have you introduce Clinton, please. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. This is related really coming up here in seven, and it's very EP for version, reggae dub. And then there's guys version and also instrument played with Tom, I drown. Instrument jazz.

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