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So that we can move it forward. I know we've been moving towards a more diverse in the more inclusive environment for all. That is a very touchy situation in many areas How how can we be more inclusive. So i think one of the challenges that people need to pay attention to is first of all. What's my own bias. You know As i said earlier if you have a brain but bias. I mean that's just. It's true and as unbiased as i think i am as human being i have my own biases because i have my own opinions and You know it used to be that we said you know. Don't judge a book by its cover. You have to read the book you have to read the first chapter or two of the book to be able to see whether or not you want to continue to engage so to me. I need to reach out to people that are different than i am. And then at the same time. I need to be able to educate others about where i'm coming from as well to me. There's no right or wrong. it is about a dialogue. And that's something that's really really important. Yes that is very true. Getting people on board and talking is very hard to do. People are so into what they are already know. And how can we present ourselves in more presentable manner. That might draw more diverse people into our thinking or our perspective. So as i said you know like is this is my perspective is that i first of all need to be open and receptive to Getting beyond that first page right getting beyond that cover. Sheet that That one page of a resume. Let's say as an example and being able to Reach out and ask what i call open ended questions so that i can learn more and then not in again. You know it's hard. I absolutely agree with because our brain is wired in so many ways. But it's to be able to say and this is what i do. What can i learn from this person. What can i learn from this person. This person may be different than me. Multiple ways what can i learn from this person and that allows me to Be more inclusive. it allows me to Not think that you know. It just doesn't matter how long you've been on the planet right. It's like i. I'm a lifelong learner. I'm going to be learning today. I'm not here anymore. Because that's the way in which. I stay active in the way in which i M b become more inclusive and. Of course the line of work that i do allows me to be more inclusive because i'm engaging with people all the time that are different than i am. Yes live long. Learning data is very cheap. Because if we can't learn from the very simple it's maybe we have a learning disorder ourselves. You know i have i. I love that. And i have to say to you that you know so. I came from the nonprofit Some people might have said it was touchy feely environment. Because you share you know you always knew where you stood. And that's where. I learned about feedback and listening skills. Self-awareness era and i remember my stepfather. When he was alive used to say and he had worked for saks fifth avenue stores had opened all gone on the east coast. And he said you know you need to go into corporate america. He said..

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