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It short. Letting what they. What the giants You know longtime fan blah blah. They drive me nuts. You got this guy supposed to be a leader a head coach. But he lets gary cole rollouts for a guy that just had a concussion. He lets patrick. Graham or the Special teams coach. But you broke peppers back there. Didn't they learn anything. For jason peppers got his niece read. It may jc. Yes that's when. I was in a pre season. But tommy kindly tommy. Tommy thanks man. That was a that. Was a preseason game with jason seahorn. That was why that was such a controversy. Djibril peppers is a good returner. It's part of his. That's part of who he is and what he's about ninety s adjacency horn. That happened yet. But the point and you know and the reason they're rolling maybe daniel jones out because they're trying to get away from a pass rush because of a hindered offensive line That's part of the game pan plan package. I don't know if if he passes through concussion ca protocol and he puts the uniform on and he's out there on the field unless he has an ankle injury that he's dealing with like carson wentz was dealing with earlier this year. Then maybe you might limit the amount of movement that he's making but he was one hundred percent of healthy legs were healthy ankles were healthy.

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