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It's for you know something on a platform like medium where anyone can contribute. They odds are they may well say yes, and it's a great way to help. Shine a light on someone that you admire and also begin to create content under your name, and to hone your own thinking about professional development in your field I'm so glad that you you bring up the interview strategy because I. Find Time and time again that people and I'll tell you in particular women over men will say to me. I'm not really confident enough in my idea, feel like anybody would want to share it or read it, and if you've been in this business long enough, you realize that nobody needs confidence. You just get out there and you you know. Throw in the pool. You will learn how to swim. But thinking about how to ease into, it is really important. I love that idea that you have another thing that I see. People do a lot is share other people's work because that is its own way of telling the world about who you are and what you're interested in right. That's exactly right pretty much. Any robot can just hit. CLICK CLICK RE tweet, but if you share things in a thoughtful and curated manner, and actually take the time to explain why you like it or why you think. Think. It's relevant. That is very powerful because it again which you're trying to do is give people a lens into your thinking, and how you see the world and when you do that, they get a better sense of your personality and what you might be like to work with if we want your in its use some lingo here if we want your brands to scale, you know if we if we want people to know you outside of the human beings who literally already know you in person. You need to give them a way to be able to do that. And if you're using social media or the Internet as a way of conveying your ideas, so that other people can see it and feel like Oh yeah i. know what she's like. She seems cool. That's a fantastic way to to really get known which translates into much better professional results because people already have a favorable opinion of you is folks don't have the capacity to be everywhere all at once and they need a front door. Is it a newsletter? A twitter feed a profile on a social media site. So what I advise people to do is they're thinking about their their brand building is. I'm not sucking up here I do think that that linked in is. non-negotiable for for most professionals today it ranks very highly in a search search engine algorithms. It is usually one of the first things that people will find about you, and so and also it is amazing, because it is one of the very few places on the web where you can make it exactly what you want if you had the opportunity to have one. One place on the Internet where you can literally just save your piece, say what you want to say about who you are as a human being in what you have accomplished unfiltered by other people and their interpretations in their agendas. Why would you not do that and yet? So many people have these like Barron profiles. They haven't updated in years. It looks like. A ghost town. I think that having a robust and and you know well-tended linked in profile is really important and really essential for most people. If you have your own business, if you're an entrepreneur, then I think additionally it's important to have a a website that conveys more about you and your products and services I do think for every professional whether you work for yourself or not, you need to buy. Buy the URL of your name. Immediately that some squatter does not and then they'll hold you hostage twenty years from now. When you finally decide, it's time for you to own it the way we got here in the first place as we're talking about the things that you can begin to do to get ready to formulate a plan B even as you're living out the good and the bad play. So. What else have you got up your sleeve in my book? Entrepreneurial you what I really specifically focus on is how can professionals people? You know white collar knowledge workers earn additional revenue and create multiple revenue streams for themselves, and so if we look at where is the low hanging fruit? What is the thing that you can do it? As rapidly as possible? It is typically performing some kind of professional service. It could be coaching could be consulting. It could be a service that you happen to be good at Lake, photography or Organizing closets whatever it is, it could be tied to what your regular job is or was is. The asterisk on that is of course it depends on what kind of contracts you've signed with your employer in terms of non competes, but it also could be something that is outside the realm of what you do professionally in the reason that that is usually the best and quickest thing to turn to is number one. There's no startup costs if I want to say hey, I'm a consultant. You don't have to get an office. You don't have to pay for anything. You really just need to start reaching out to people reaching out to people who might potentially by your services and say hey. I'm doing this thing. suits very inexpensive. Some of the things that people come up with a go I'm GonNa Resell things on Amazon or I'M GOING TO START A. I mean those those things have a huge cash outlay, so you WanNa go quick and dirty and cheap and also. If. You have built up a good reputation amongst your friends amongst your network you often when you raise, your hand can actually get clients relatively rapidly once you start saying hey I'm doing this thing. Let me know if you're interested or let me know of someone you know is interested. How do you figure out tactical pieces of that? Let's take the. The example of closet organizing great. Maybe you have people who are interested in that. How do you figure out how much money to charge them? Yeah, so there's there's a few pieces here. The first thing actually is that you will discover that pretty much. No one wants to be the Guinea pig, or no one wants to be the first person literally. Literally in history that you've ever done something for so a great thing to do is to pick a small number this. You know you don't want us to go on forever, but pick maybe three people who you can get to agree to be your volunteer clients, and you do it totally pro Bono and you do it because you wanNA. Get testimonial and. And you WANNA get referrals and that way you're able to to actually approach future clients with a lot more confidence because you can say. Oh well, your your closet. Situation is just like a a person that I worked with a while ago. She had XYZ problem and I think we can solve. Your is the exact same way that client is reassured because. Because aw, she's seen this before. Okay, I know she can help me. Maybe you have some nice before and after pictures and it's it's convincing, so that's number one is it gives you the confidence, and it gives you the ability to charge more because you can prove to people that you actually have gotten results in. It's not just theoretical in terms of. Of how much charge there are a lot of professional communities on the web these days there's sort of like online masterminds. facebook groups things like that for people given professions and I actually run one in the Consulting and executive coaching space, and those are the kind of intimate communities where people can trade information about pricing and things that might be a. A little bit sensitive to disclose. If something is a BBC transaction business to consumer, oftentimes, you can literally just find out on people's websites. Okay, there are closet organizer..

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