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Thank you thank you repeat that again taryn as you do not ever let somebody tell you that you're there you can't talk to them during the double of action all those people that are gonna play brother in the future if you're fan of the show and you tweeted me before and you end up on big brother if you go on a show and you just let people talk in the storage room while you know that they're talking about you i i don't know you i don't know you don't come to me if you're a victim because you need to get in there and fight and spill the tea and tell them what's really going on and fight for yourself honestly just getting in people's faces and looking them in the eye is sometimes enough to make them you know what i'm not going to target you today i'm going to target this person over here who's out on the couch like just be more aggressive and i was glad to see the johnny was playing that heart yes so that leads us into week five where erica is going to once again when the wage and once again mattie is going to be her initial target at this point again we're going to see paris lots of repeats here paris is going to be very frustrated she's going to talk to the cameras i need to start winning competitions my allies are leaving stupid erica keeps winning erica gone and kayla she's dead to me i is the worst i hate that she keeps surviving erica won't target daylight so frustrating she goes to erica would you please.

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