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News It's. Red Eye. Radio and he's Eric Hurley I'm Gary McNamara timeshare like as we used to say that the. Goal of these people I, think maybe. A other slogans might be be used but to use James Clapper and general portray us they also, disagreed with what the president did James Clapper James Clapper lied to congress about. The the government collecting data on the cell phones of. People when asked a direct question he lied the only reason. He wasn't prosecutor was it happened during the Obama administration portrays He pleaded guilty to, providing the woman he was having an affair with. Access to documents containing top secret sensitive information. Had later. Moved those documents to his personal residence stored them in unsecured drawer and then had deliberately and intentionally lied the federal investigators, about provoke. A providing a both providing broadwool access to the documents and their improper storage These facts were knowledge to be true by betray us, as part of his plea agreement he had to plead guilty to doing all of that he's judging, the president these two guys are judging the president I don't know why Why. Would any media organization do that they're. Not credible neither one Remember the time betrays was? C. i. a.. Director yeah Yeah, but it, was all part of my biography that I you. Know Slipped my girlfriend this top, secret information Yeah You? Don't Judge president reprehensible that he's taken away some. Security, clearance yeah you're, talking flapper. You lied Right the. Congress, we have anybody, with penalty It's like Somebody with credibility and integrity will you would lease, exactly, eight, six six. Nine hundred I if you wanna join us for on, the tracks here's your forecast your Friday forecast include some areas of dry weather for California for the central plains and most. Of Texas although we will see a chance of showers at least in the overnight hours for. Northeastern Texas the areas for the heaviest of showers today will be from Little Rock on I forty up to Nashville and then down to I twenty, across Louisiana Mississippi. And Alabama the heavy rains will stay north of the Atlanta area mainly along the Tennessee border and. Into Chattanooga then this frontal boundary that these rain showers are out ahead of will begin to shift up to the north expect showers along. Eighty one and then as you get, up into I seventy nine into Pittsburgh for eastern Ohio and, western PA and that'll extend into portions of upstate New York where they've seen a lot of rain and. Some flooding Conditions the rain certainly not needed there a look at your, national forecast from Red Eye Radio I'm meteorologist John trout thanks so much John eight six six ninety redeye The bay.

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