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It'll be at June it beach for the US open. And always a great thing there. We like to catch up at least once a year. Maybe more often with Bob Dorfman with Baker street advertising. The executive creative director, and we'll find out how creative Bob is at seven twenty five in the morning. Good morning, Bob. Thanks. Beverage some time on Saturday morning for us. No problem. John talking to you. Yeah. You too I guess a couple of things come to mind in terms of golfing. We we've chatted with you over the years about you'll things like endorsement deals and value players. And and you know, it's really interesting now how we've got so many young guys like the Jordan speaks to the world and Rickie Fowler who have really really come on. And Ricky must have a great agent because when you watch professional golf events he's got multiple ads going back to back between mortgage company insurance company almost looks like a like a NASCAR driver with all the logos. I think at one one player I counted. Maybe five different logos. Six logos between shirt and his hat, but pretty interesting for these young guys and some of the opportunities. Yeah. Absolutely. Ricky in particular. I think you know. I go trying to appeal to a younger market and Ricky what he's thirty years old, but still he has that youth appeal, and he's, you know, a little bit more counter cultural than maybe some of the other young golfers out there, and I think that's why so many sponsors latch, onto they just trying to build a broader market, reaching younger demographic. And he seems to have that kind of coolness and looks and attitude that maybe other golfers don't quite have like say Jordan speed comes off a little more middle of the road. Let's say, yeah. And I get a kick out of the one of the mortgage ones with Ricky where he of plays it up with this mock announcer, and he kinda rolls his eyes. And and he's obviously got the personality, and and the old cliche. You know, the camera likes him in Ricky's case. Absolutely. Yeah. He's he's a good looking guy. Appeals to you know, men like women like. I'm Ben wannabe him. So yeah, he he does have a big broad, you know, draw and it should be nice. If he could win a major this year talking. You know, we always end up talking about tiger interesting over the last few years. He is, you know, his big deal, which I think is about five million a year is the golf bag that he carries this year. It's a monster beverage and Tigers in some ads, and you know, for a long time, it was all Nike because of his own brand of clothing. But he's got the still got the Nike logo on his clothing. But then he switched to to made clubs but Tigers still obviously, very marketable and huge numbers for for. Tiger woods. It's incredible. How he's come around. You know, obviously had to do with his resurgence on the course. But you know, at at one time he was making. Fifty sixty million dollars a year endorsements. He's probably say he's making forty million a year. Now, I think that's a little generous probably more thirty twenty five something like that. But you know as long as he keeps winning on. The course it just such a draw and continues to be a draw any the ratings draw, you know, doubles audiences on the weekends. When Eason final groups exactly Bob Dorfman joins us with Baker street advertising right here in San Francisco, right up the street from our can be our studio here. Bob gambling is becoming legal in many states and kind of curiously how the golf to our travels. I've never counted. Like, how many states the professional golf tours traveled to? But now, it's becoming legal. And I think that the PGA tour like NBA has embraced some of the gambling companies or the casino companies. What do you see they're down the road? And and maybe if there is a is Phil Mickelson who's known as a gambler. Does he become the the first endorser of a bookie? I would I would put him at the top of the list it. It's good. What's going to happen? With with Gulf is the same thing that's going to happen with with other sports. It's gonna bring in a broader audience. It's going to bring in people who are you know, maybe not as big fans of the game. But for the action it's going to, you know, again, just opened up the sport to more possibilities. More sponsors. It does lend itself Gulf maybe more than any of the other team sports lends itself to some foul play, you know, fixing and things like that. So I'm a little concerned about that. You know, it's very easy for a guy to miss a putt, three-foot putt. If somebody's telling him, you know, there's millions of dollars of betting money on the line or something. So I don't know how they can keep them in line. But I would think that most golfers wouldn't be doing that kind of stuff. But you never know. It'll be curious to see how the tour handles the gambling by the players for the Pete Rose affect. I know there was a great piece recently on sixty minutes. I believe it was about how players in the NC double A colleges are not allowed to bet. But I think of horse racing where I think in the paddock area where the owners and the jockeys are they have their own aisles where they can go bet. But. But will the players have that in the locker room a kiosk where they can go put fifty bucks. I New England can do that. But it'll be curious to see how the PGA tour handles at. Yeah. I would kind of surprised if they let the players bet. I mean again that even opens up things to to make the need make more money betting on yourself and then winning tournament. So who knows how to work out? But yeah, it'll be interesting to see how it all plays out. If you were the agent for your company, rather than the creative director is there a player that you would say, well, we gotta get this guy and having under contract for for endorsements for our whatever products that you're promoting. Yeah. The most interesting guy right now that's up and coming had a great season. Last year was Bryson to Shambo. Sure interesting character, he seems to be a real renaissance, man. He he plays the same length irons, which is kind of interesting. He's the guy that's been advocating, you know, keeping the stick in when you cut so he's he's got a lot of different things going on with him. So and he's been playing great. If there was anybody that I would kinda maybe onto it would probably be him. And of course, you know, then there's the Jordan speak. I feel like he's a veteran. You know, he's only two twenty five twenty six, but and it's kinda fallen off. I really hope he comes back because always like that guy again seems to be real likable person in a very marketable guy. He's doing pretty well. He's making about thirty million a year in endorsements right now. Well, yeah. And I know I think it was last year where he's a endorser for AT and T Pebble Beach even did a bobblehead for him. So that's when you know, you've really made it when when the they've got a bobble head for you. So. When you can jump across when you can. Across from just a quick deals into into fast foods, and soft drinks and cars, and those kinds of things. That's when you know, you really making it good stuff there and and just back to Bryson. And then we're going to we're going to hop along here. But Bryson does a funny ad with Bridgestone golf balls with Tiger Woods. And he goes through the whole mad professor thing. And tiger sorta yawning and and pretty cute for both of them the way they did that. So that's a fun one that I'm sure people can pull up on YouTube. Bob dorf. Thanks so much for a few minutes on a Saturday morning, and certainly stay in touch for shaped stay in touch with over the years. Always glad to talk in and thanks. All right. Very good. Very good. All right. Coming up. We're going to meet with Joe pita. Who is got a great masters preview. This is one where you really need to get your notepad out. And if you're if you want to kind of, you know, better drinker or a sandwich with your buddies..

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