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Michael golf ball make it happen do we what what is it they have smile halfway through it you look away from Kerry you can't because you look look look at this this dog face she has on I was born okay we're not happy I was not looking over there do you support your co worker because I look over there and then everybody that it's no good do you think that was good with you not looking over there maybe should look over there there's no winning work it out you do you do you get gonna go through your head that the people of this you should own this you should embrace this now this is our having people over there for a sense carries aren't thing are you telling us that what embrace the title embrace the dog go okay well out log and love the taco yeah I got the taco so that we should do the show from a taco joint Sunday just do it like on talk to Tuesday okay if I offend you people during the show would you then at least enjoy the song whom I don't know it could be bearable so hard you were so hard to to make happy really are gonna I'm gonna send your your husband you know I hello now you may find he is all right eight eight nine four one pack Joe package that comes with the go to go to the this do you sell the stupid change in the baby it's cold outside song yes said this is one line that they allege the original line meant date rape yeah that's a stupid it is yeah we'll get into that in a moment before we do that what what's happening again in Kentucky about late numbers in Kentucky I do know this is with sixty two point five percent reporting as a seven oh nine yes indeed Bashir the Democrat has fifty one point fifteen of the vote mad men at the Republican has forty six point eight seven percent who deals in Miramar there three three four points difference I know and John Hicks the libertarian has one point nine percent in the course of your libertarian guess who you'd normally would vote for you to vote for the Republican this is how the Democrat is going to win great that's awesome so there you go at the at the end of the day what you have is a very very good governor who is probably gonna lose all I mean who knows hopefully it'll turn around but might lose to the son of a former governor never understood something that maybe you've got an opinion on this maybe you don't who not only back at us why is it that we have to have these political dynasties what is your number one then the George W. bush then we had a Bill Clinton also Hillary Clinton and now people are about Michelle Obama running are we really in a country of three hundred twenty three or forty million people we only really have three families that can be president now what I can run a no to that it expand that a little bit come on man at some point get a clue and realize you don't need to save we don't have a monarchy here there's a reason why presidents are are term limited many governor term limited to the the rep the representatives of those senators are not term limited they should be otherwise you've got you've got kingdoms and monarchies in fiefdoms that are being run enough already enough already I so I mean the the fact that looks like this guy some might win is really it's it's horrible and Matt Levitt over a Bevin has done a very good job he's a very good job as the governor there he should of he ran for Senate I think he would he tried to primary did primary Mitch McConnell others good candidate then too and I'm reading some of these comments on on social media and they're all I voted for bush here because I believe in my child's education at what point in this country will people start realizing that Republicans are not anti education in fact Republicans want really good education for kids not just with the teachers unions want not just to keep the the head count money coming in and pass people who are actually failing yes you want a good education and a Republican conservative but those are the right on a good education for our kids it's like suggesting those on the right don't want you know the clean air clean water clean food and those on the right you know don't really like immigrants it's the story that's being told and what bothers me is there are so many great people in this country they just aren't paying enough attention they aren't paying enough attention and we need to we need to pay attention to what people are saying what they say they'll do what they're actually doing with their job history is it I I can extended to this to this why on god's green earth are some of the people representing us in Congress in Congress one was a a screamer in Yeller in a radical who's pro testing a trump speech got elected in said impeach the MF and somehow is looked at somebody that that is the future of the country refused to leave or a lot marking from Somalia and through Kenya and had a horrible life is so much better here in the United States hates everything about what she say yesterday before Kerry we need to have the end of western imperialism yeah something like that I do know that needs the reason Marc there is western imperialism going on we what is that suggests that we are we are what we were treating the rest of the world like crap as we enjoy our listen this country has been more terrible than any country in the in the face on the face of this earth in the history of this earth Hey Amy and here we go we have somebody else actually could complete spoiled brat who got a better life for coming here acting like it's a horrible country no course AOC was a bartender is an actress got the job and suddenly is looked at by idiots out there suggesting suggesting that dumb but she knows more about climate change government about how this country should should work are just had somebody right knee from Kentucky the live oak the live results somehow Bevin is leading what the hell's going on okay very interesting what let me let me see what this is what this is showing okay this is up to the second I'll give you this this link because the link do you have I trust that it's a good one but they just might be a little bit behind it looks like things could be a change in all right so let me give you what I have from this website this is from New York times giving live election results because from the time so it could be fake news how I can but I can't get through it okay they have a lot to many times for that one okay well let me right now ADB here just took the lead and was Bevin twelve seconds ago this is Bashir the Democrat forty nine point seven Bevin the Republican the incumbent forty eight point three John Hicks just to get some Republican votes two percent of those are than mine but okay exactly Hicks is the libertarian and again the libertarian is always going to get the Republican votes libertarians are more constitutional as they believe in free usually liberties progresses and Democrats don't so you've got a very close race right now it's a it's a matter of one point four points difference between eighty Bashir Matt Bevin and yes Bashir is now I had when I open this page it was actually Bevin that was that so keep an eye on this they've got I guess another update intense I carry less to account at six five four three two one and the update is with that consent except they didn't do it I told you were fake news the time so looking at Lexington goes blue Louisville goes blue we're not surprised by that they're more populated urban areas on the basic structure of the status of the white red or dark red so it's going to be interesting this is not over now I do believe the polls are closing to talk in our tech yes they are because our that the cause was over an hour ago okay yeah all right so the numbers keep on coming in now it's forty nine point eight to forty eight point two so it's now one point six percent difference any measures taken Floyd county also leads the race overall was seventy five percent of research report we'll keep an eye on that we'll take your calls on on what we talked about off the top here also I've got to we've got to get into the new words for baby it's cold outside do you have the new with the there's like one line that they changed which I find ridiculous and the line that's in there is so progressive and stupid it makes my face or just got tied to just tighten up Kerry yeah six to forty eight point four as well because one point right now of course John Hicks is getting two percent which I in essence would be fifty point four for the incumbent forty nine point six four for the challenger eight eight nine four one tag Joe pegs dot coms diretor this is the joke pad show I love tell you that really factory work for me I hope it'll work for you I kid you not almost everyone over fifty has occasional aches and pains they could have.

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