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And a.m. 8 20 NPR news and the New York conversation Live from NPR news in Washington I'm Dave Mattingly The House select committee investigating the January 6th attack at the U.S. capitol will hold its third public hearing tomorrow as NPR's Windsor Johnston reports members of the committee are continuing to make the case that then president Trump was at the center of a conspiracy to overturn the results of the 2020 election The hearing is expected to zero in on Trump's unprecedented attempts to prevent the transfer of power despite being told repeatedly that he had lost the election The committee says it plans to lay out evidence that as president Trump pressured state and federal officials to go along with his false claims of widespread voter fraud The committee says it will also focus on Trump's plan to corrupt the Department of Justice In a 12 page statement released by his political action committee yesterday Trump described the House select committee as a kangaroo court and called its investigation a mockery of justice The Federal Reserve is expected to announce another hike in interest rates this week that policymakers begin two days of talks today to examine the health of the U.S. economy with inflation at its highest level in four decades The fed is expected to announce another half point rate hike This follows yesterday's steep losses on Wall Street the S&P 500 dropped more than three and a half percent and entered a bear market This is NPR news On your NPR member station WNYC at 5 32 good morning 70 and cloudy out the now today some sunshine and low 80s A and Q trains are running with delays this morning in the city The four Republican candidates for governor squared off in their first debate last night on CBS two it wasn't long before they began challenging each other's records WNYC's John Campbell reports Long Island congressman Lee zeldin is considered the FrontRunner to the GOP nomination but he went on the attack early and often He sparred with opponents Harry Wilson and rob Astor Reno over everything from gun control to Albany budgeting But things really got heated when Wilson claimed Zelda once asked him to run for a different statewide office on the Republican ticket I never asked and I wouldn't ask never Trump or Harry Wilson anywhere 12th day that I would have to note from that conversation don't lie Okay that is a zero percent chance The fourth Republican candidate is Andrew Giuliani son of Rudy Giuliani and a former aide to president Donald Trump He participated remotely because he's not vaccinated against COVID-19 and CBS barred him from entering its facility The candidates took questions on gun control and the capital insurrection and even their favorite smell Astorino is the former Westchester county executive He says he wants to discuss scaling back the state's abortion law which allows the procedure at any point if the health of the mother is in danger I think we should have a reasonable discussion on when it's appropriate to have restrictions The primary election for governor is set for June 28th on the democratic side governor Kathy hochul is squaring off against New York City public advocate jumani Williams and Long Island congressman Tom swazi John Campbell WNYC news Democratic candidates for a governor are expected to debate one last time on Thursday Atlantic City's main casino workers union votes tomorrow on whether to authorize a strike against the city's casinos local 54 of the unite here union and the casinos have not reached a new contract agreement The previous contracts with the casinos expired nearly two weeks ago the vote will decide whether to let union leadership call a strike against any or all of the 9 casinos Partly sunny with a high near 82 today mostly clear tonight in 67 so it'll be cool and then tomorrow mostly sunny with the high near 81 Once again 70 in cloudy in the city this is WNYC 93.9 FM in New York.

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