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Laughed. Funny stories prayed with and four friends and competed in memorizing bible verses. She hated that part then one year. When summer came she got to go to a church camp all by herself for a whole week. It was the best week ever. They played game slept in bunk beds. Played pranks read. The bible together and apart sang songs and stayed up late after nights of singing praying and reading. She felt god call her name. She decided she wanted to follow god forever and make a life that pleased god sunburned and tired. The girl went home from camp and wrote postcards to her camp counselors for the rest of the summer. The girl went home. Feeling closer to the bible and god than ever guided her encouraged her and made it easy to spot potential friends. And a few. You shouldn't be friends with to church and the bible helped her find almost all of her friends all the way through school and on into college but it was there away from her home her church and people who looked just like her that she was asked and ask some questions of herself about the bible questions she had never heard before and she didn't have any great answers that felt pretty bad. It felt like suddenly learning that an old friend wasn't who you thought they were but she still tried to live her life to make god happy along the way too now. She met more friends the same way as before but this time they had more questions and answers or ideas to she found little corners and coffee shops to stake out with kind friends. Who didn't look like her at all and try to become reacquainted with her once a distant friend the bible and it was like she came to know her friend better than before after all. It's once we know. Someone's flaws and strengths that we can truly deeply love them so to this day the little girl lives and loves to make happy but if you ask her..

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