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Let's face it we all love them all and christina applegate at a particular charm the wonder years hated it sorry i probably shouldn't have i just did fred savage bob newhart bob newhart i don't know if it could really is he still around yeah he may be too old and i don't know if anyone could actually do that kind of thing taxi i didn't watch that much growing pains i don't really even know that one happy days maybe happy days now to goofy like is the fifties revival stuff still gonna fly three's company suzanne somers john ritter joyce dewitt okay i don't know if this would cannot because well w k r p these show about the radio station wasn't buddies instead it's an elderly facility i don't know i don't that was mark suggestion six hundred seven two five four ten thirty any of these you'd like to see back moonlighting didn't it say moonlighting was coming back no bruce willis cybill shepherd okay murphy brown is coming back coats something like coach in american television sitcom aired nine seasons craig t nelson my boss got to play golf with frank denouncing laverne shirley some version of that could fly probably dukes of hazzard such a battle between red states and blue states now it'd be a little different saved by the bell eighty nine to ninety three must have been a time when i didn't have a tv perfect strangers okay i got one miami vice that's what i want back miami vice and i don johnson and that other guy soap was weird seventy seven to eighty one shows created as a nighttime parody of daytime soap operas bosom buddies that had tom hanks.

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