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Chair is the most important so in a sense it can give a distorted view of of of what really is going on in terms of in terms of the committee because the key players are people like the the the the the chair of the board the vice chair of the fomc which is is is is by the f c which is bill dudley right now the head of the federal reserve bank of new york and then the vice chair of the board of governors which of course we don't have one right now so let's get away from the details for a moment here rick and talk a little bit about in general impressions house sounded a little more comfortable little bit more willing to just pine on discussing asset prices liquidity bank stress tests for instance and a little more perfunctory when it comes to economic theory about may refer instance is that does that matter is that a good thing a bad thing it's also different in style that janet always liked to be actually completely prepared janet was not somebody who like to talk about things off the cuff and a lawyer he has that experience of being to do that better so i think that there's a little bit of a different a difference in style and clearly there's also an issue jay is not a paid hd communist you know he's very capable was an excellent choice johnny was not going to be reappointed but he really does is not going to want to pine an economic theory you win that's not as valley wick so i think there will be a difference in style but i i really don't think that at this juncture we're going to see a major difference in terms of the kind of actions that j we'd take versus versus janet given the policy mix that we're seeing given expected by the fed to go to three point eight percent this year could we see any sort of elbow turn in the inflation rate.

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