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Got a report of a crash only a single lane getting by. We're backed up now to the 11th Street Parade. South founders You're gonna encourage delays after Benning Road, often on delays up to the area of the 11 Street Bridge find lays awesome, westbound side of the freeway from the third. Street tunnel down towards well the area of the case Bridge. It's very slow East founders not bad coming off the key spread show often on delays to the 11th Street Bridge. Still dealing my closures in town relating to traffic control for the cherry blossoms. South Bell Rock Creek Park Way less for port still blacked it. Virginia Avenue. You have to make the left on the Virginia Avenue can't go any further because of the traffic flow control. And inbound Roosevelt Bridge Memorial breaks the ramps to go to Independence Avenue and Ohio Drive at last report are currently blocked about Clara Barton Park. Wayne at the Glen Echo turnaround. Right Lane is blocked for disabled vehicle caller tells me come up on it at speed, kind of a dangerous situation, the caller said. So keep your speeds down as you approach the Glen Echo TURNAROUND Capital Beltway in Maryland, L a traffic Living well throughout Montgomery County and Prince George's County vine delays on the North bound side of the BW Parkway from the Beltway past 1 93 a better ride as you go past the area off 1 97 95 south bound, starting a bunch up after route 200 the icy sea, often on DeLay's down to the capital Beltway. Over in Virginia inner loop Still delays from the toll road past 1 93 down and over the American Legion Bridge in a Montgomery County south bound 95 a bit better. But the slowdown is south of Lauren crawling over the Occoquan after 1 23 and still volume delays passed Dale City of Better Drive once yourself Triangle. Bring thousands of jobs. Cleaner air in modern transportation to Maryland, Washington to Baltimore Inches 15 minutes. Get on board today, northeast maglev dot com Steve Dresner w T o P. Traffic, Steve. Thank you heard a rumor that we actually have rain in the forecast this week. Let's check in live with storm team for meteorologists, Amara Theodore that we do We have a few opportunities, actually, so Wrapping up tonight.

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