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Would you say the right courses to say that's his house? It's none of my business. That would be a perverse in a morally disturbing position to take the reason that the rest of the world is agitated is that you have a humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. That is. Unmatched in the western hemisphere, and you would have to look for some of the worst examples out of Africa to come to any sort of parallel. That's right. And I think it's fair to say there was a survey sorted by the financial times said that one third of Venezuelans actually support external military intervention, but could use military intervention besotted as evidence that Washington Shays, Moscow's belief in gripe power sphere of influence. Well, look, I hope it doesn't come to military intervention. But the analogy is misplaced because if there is any intervention, ideally, Venezuelans will simply dispatch this this regime, they live under or do. So at most with the diplomatic and economic aid of their neighbors. But if they were to come to to US military intervention, I still think that's farfetched. It's very different to rescue a country from starvation and addicted toil regime than say what Russia is doing in Ukraine, which is simply seizing. Large swatches of land and declaring it Russian territory. So the suggestion is simply completely ill-conceived. If you just tuned in your Narin on Tom Switzer, my guest is Brits Stevens, he's a Pulitzer prize winning columnist with the New York Times, and we're talking about the crosses in socialist Venezuela, brick you've mentioned Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela from ninety nine to twenty third Hain, he championed twenty-first-century socialism. According to Jeremy Corbyn, the British live later, quote Chevy showed us there is a different and a bit away of doing things. It's called socialism. It's called social Justice. And it's something that Venezuela has made a big step towards in your New York Times. Call him Brit. You mentioned a nine Trump's key Niamey Kline. Why do you think I overlooked this regimes DACA sides mean I Well, think? I mean, I think in three cases that you mentioned you have people who I mean, take Corbin, I don't think Corbin has has alighted on a an anti-american despot whom he he does not like so there is a there's a certain kind of proclivity at the same as largely true of Noam Chomsky. So they were willing to overlook the human rights abuses of China's regime much in the way, by the way that a previous generation of left wing intellectuals was prepared to overlook the the Gulag Archipelago and the Soviet Union or the depredations of the cultural revolution in in Maoist China. So this is in fact, a very old story with western intellectuals who are for a variety of reasons attracted to totalitarian regimes and are prepared to close their eyes to the clear evidence of what the real affects of their policies. Are it is fellow traveling with with tyrants and may mall, given the failure of socialism? This clearly self evident here as you point out. Isn't it are running that so many American Democrats most notably Buni Sanders, but there are others such as this newly elected congresswoman from New York Alexandria, a court is they want socialism for the US rot. Well, look, let's be clear when they speak of socialism. What they really have in mind is something like what social scientists might call social democracy, which the model that pains in the Scandinavian economies. It's what what you and I would call mixed economy with a slightly larger role for the state than than the one that you have in the United States, and certainly in Australia, but the central point in what I think worries me is that the use of this word, socialism, really sort of neglect the real problem with the theory, which is that as soon as you start giving the economy or larger larger parts of the economy to politicians to control the opportunities for corruption for nepotism for miss. Management and for loss-making increase exponentially..

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