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Player? How are you? What did you think of, you know, they're up to nothing? And at that point, I mean, what was your thought process of? Did you think that they were going to get it done? Or did you see what happened coming, honestly, I think going into this series, I felt like people were making too much of the long layoff of the Boston Bruins in eleven days. As but certainly following game one, they were they had every right to make that excuse and talk about that narrative, because after the first period, Boston a much different team and all the could see how many times have I seen Boston do this, and, you know, the last several years, even dating back to two thousand eleven two thousand thirteen as well and their Cup, run, ultimately losing there, too. But they just they're so battle-tested. Scotty, it feels like every time Boston's up against it, especially in these playoffs. They always find a way to get that next goal. And they really shifted momentum myself in the second period that McEvoy goal is sort of a stinker one Jordan Bennington would've loved to have back. But that's the one thing I noticed that Boston kept playing they found their game after the rest of the first period. And then moved on and just definitively the better team in period, two and three the blues are going to have to counter, but that one's things quite a bit Scott. I thought it was really comparable by the way to the first to the last year on skews me in game one where Carolina was probably the better team and lost that game I felt that set the tone for that series and. For Saint Louis. I hope that doesn't set the tone for this series to what did you think of I you know, because I mean, they're doing, so I can't really listen or anything but I'm watching and I'm seeing this crew guy going off on people. And just like he, he looked like he was really distributing some of his feelings. He was. And that's the one thing I think, always look for in a final, especially in the NHL where these teams don't match up all too often just twice in the season, the animosity aspect, and I think we have a lots of build off from game one even side David back, it's get into it with his former team. Of course, the former captain of the Saint Louis blues got into it a bit in the second third with Joel Edmonson your of the third territory crew played the command possessed. I mean there's also the guy who smelling a new contract. He's eligible for a new one July one. He's one year from UFA status has been really, really good here in the postseason. But he got new battle in front of the net would save it for on than just lit up Robert, Thomas Brooklyn, his stable in the Stanley Cup, follow among other people making their debuts obviously in the Stanley Cup final crew came to play. And when he's playing a physical game that way and just doing his thing offense because that's they rely heavily on from this guy on the back end of Boston. They're just such a tough team to beat you and certainly one of the storylines going into this series. Scotty was gonna be about debt scoring. Obviously round one goes for the Boston Bruins because the blues four fine has been highly publicized, and really, really strong. Boston's third and fourth one hundred stole the show I felt the game one. So how big was that Clinton goal because they were you know Tarasenko at scored from, you know in Shan had a great game I thought and then you know, fed Tarasenko on the on the goal to make early in the second and you're out two goals. If you don't get that goal minute later, the whole thing could have been a different story tonight because I thought that was huge. Yeah, you're totally right. And again, that's sort of been the thing with his boss, Boston team, you know, we've all we've all been talking about rightfully so Jose Luis has been resilient. So Boston, quite frankly, I think their toughest opponents actually around one when they lost, or they beat the Maple Leafs in seven games. But that's me was, maybe the, the Carver turning point if you will in this hockey game scoring one sixteen after the two nothing goal which, again was early on in the second period. And after that Scotty, I it was all Boston in this game. We saw that physical play. The tonight city again, another story going into this series anytime a team plays Boston special teams. Well, Boston got five power play opportunities. They were working at seventeen for fifty coming into the Stanley Cup final here. One for five in this one. So, certainly, I think the narratives wrote themselves going forward you're in game on that's for game two. I think the blues clearly have to be much more disciplined and have to own the play a bit more because they're on their heels. They actually want a span of almost thirteen minutes from the second period early into the third period without a shot on goal. And again, a lot of credit deserves to go the Boston Bruins, they certainly found their game in the second half here. So the golden Mazi back on the bench Nick Albert of any radio. So I you know that defensive the guys at the blue line getting done the McEvoy power-play goal, the fact that they got their demand getting so involved. And you know jumping into the play I thought was huge and making creating goals and scoring. And being a part of a lot of the action from the middle of the second period on. I thought was huge now you're totally right. And it started on the on the energy provided by, like Sean rally who doesn't get a lot of, you know, documentation, and not many people talk about it, but he's on that four fine. He goes through the neutral zone, just sort of throws it into the skates, Connor Clifton and again that changed the game for the better gave us some momentum. Some confidence. Jordan Bennington was excellent in this game. Again, it's been a team postseason long for the Saint Louis blues, but you're totally right. Like even the second goal McEvoy in the second period. He threw it on that. But the presence of mind to corral the pocket in the neutral zone, bringing in you know, use Petra little fellow defenceman sort of screen deflects off his stick. And then again that was a big story for me here in game one the depth guys getting the job done, including two goals in the back end you have Clifton second McEvoy second of the postseason, and Sean, corral, his third. Boston's fourth fly now has fifteen points here in the Stanley Cup playoffs, which is really, really impressed. And almost you know, I talked about it a lot a lot in the conference final against Carolina. Just Boston's top line outside of the power play has not been great five on five. I think you're totally right in the Brayden Schenn line. Especially in the first half of this game had Boston's top lines. Number they, they really were engaged with them had them hemmed in their own zone. And we all know when you're in that in the ice, you're not gonna produce often. So I think there's a lot of things. The blues congrats in this game that they liked the clearly a lot that they don't like. And I, quite frankly, it's gonna come down to your big boys from the Saint Louis aspect need a bit more guy like you know, Jay Schwartz who had twelve goals coming into this series more from Brayden. Schenn O'Reilly, if I was really, really quiet in this game and bought him mature single for the most part with quiet. So again, a lot of credit the Boston, but people out there, don't forget it just one game. You gotta win for here. I thought corral had a couple of good games against Carolina in that sweep. And then tonight he was so. Huge. I bet they can't even believe honestly that he had the game winner and what he did earlier on that Clinton play that score that got him back in the game. How about a guy that no one gives a rat's ass about having a huge night like that in the Stanley Cup finals? I mean he's I mean that's a rockstar game that kid had. Yeah. You're totally right. And, and that's been the big time stories. Scotty with the Boston. Bruins is the unheralded guys like even a market show Hanson I thought was awesome in this game. You look back at the trade deadline all the conversation seems to be about the Columbus blue jackets how they went all in, well, the Boston Bruins made to under the radar moves. They got Shirley quilt from the Minnesota wild. He started in a nice third-line goal with this team. And Marcus show Hanson was sort of a throw in at the end from the New Jersey Devils, nobody seemed to want this guy's in a contract year. I thought he was outstanding in this game and composes that through von of course with, with coil. And Hainan amendments the four fine again, you can pick them with some of the best in the league here, at least in the Stanley Cup playoffs and talking about. Rally who centers Nola Chari joke Nordstrom on that four fine. I'm against Saint Louis. Four five is really, really respectable as well. But I just think it'll bring you a far away, especially in the playoffs when the crowd has such a massive impact to gain that energy. That's that line came out with Tanasugarn again. I thought they were really, really physical and you know that's the one thing with Sean corral. He can play a physical game. But he's got some sneaky hands to Scotty. And he showed it, you know he was like a cannonball there in the neutral zone and have the presence of mind. And a lot of credit to Connor Clifton the young offense in who hasn't played much. She's played sparingly to be quite honest. But you get elevated in this role obviously with the injuries and the back end for the Boston Bruins, and that was a big time goal. It doesn't matter work goes in off of a really started the the effort here for Boston. And this one can you believe Nick the defense in Bruins? I mean they only gave up twenty shots in the gay. I you know you're on to you got to win that game. And then you look at your results for the night. I mean no one like in mama. You don't worry about it. You're like just playing. But when it's over and you look at this sheet, and you're like all you had to do is make eighteen saves. I've ever really is. That's like not even having to go to work. You're not wrong like again the first word I thought the blues played their brand their style of hockey. And then Boston somehow, I don't know what was said in that locker. Maybe we'll find out post game here but they came out guns a blazing in the second period. Always helps when you can score that really goal like in the first fruit again, we saw familiar team with the Saint Louis blues that's been evident. All postseason run for them is scoring early. The eleventh time believe they scored a goal within the first six minutes of a hockey game here in the playoffs is incredible. If you ask me, but again, I thought Boston was really really resilient and bouncing back again. It was spearheaded by Sean rallies rush rate there. And I think it would just be scary from an aspect, you know Saint Louis going into game to that you'd have to think Boston's top line will be better in that game. And that would scare the living hell out of me. I think if you're correct ruby and the Saint Louis blues, and I, I think number one first and foremost, you have to find a way to stay more disciplined. But this is what this is what Boston does to right. They do this to every team. They get you on your heels even looking back at the conference final just to Williams is a guy who's one of the most composed players in the league Mr. game seven, and he was taking penalty after penalties. So the blues can't start playing Saint Louis game. They gotta play their own game more soda, what they did in the first they, they don't Boston is going to have their legs points and times, but they just got to limit their opportunities..

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