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Good win in the air from Kinzer, the USA under 16 International playing center back tonight for the Defiance, holding a very high line so far are Tacoma. Our pass works his way around me. She Galino, passing it to Andre Lewis in the midfield circle. Now at Chavarria, he'll chip it downfield, looking near side for Shame back for Beckford now since a cross into the box played out by Tacoma. This will result in a throwing Almost to the South. East corner of the stadium, and they throw in, then summarily kicked out by Tacoma's switchbacks will try it again about the same spot All goes into Haji Berry Berry to Beckford. Now this Sebastian Andersson, he'll send it over the top headed away by Tacoma goes onto the feet of Beverly mocking Villa. Have now dribbling back towards his own midfield stripe gives it off to Michael Edwards as the switchbacks looked to reset. 6 17 and counting here in the first half, no score between the switchbacks. And the Tacoma defiance. Christina Hans plays this one up to meet Galina, who keeps it M play, and Galina loses it. But right to Stevie Echeverria. His pass, which was intended for Andre Lewis has taken away Tacoma with a chance to clear and that's exactly what they will do. Sean Melvin coming up to play, it sends it out on the far side throwing coming. For the defiance really good goalkeeping from Sean Melvin High off his line Sweeper Keeper role just outside his 18 puts that one into the stands. So Tacoma working along the far side of the field, they lose it out of play. And that was as real Gonzalez who come in Handle the pass. So a throwing For the switch Facts near the McDevitt law firm Corner. On the northeast side of Widen her field. Long throwing coming here for the switchbacks Tacoma with the Put on it first. Now Jimmy offered takes possession. Oxford just outside his own 18 plays it out to the far side for Tristan Hodge Hodge up to meet you. Galina loses it out of play. Tacoma will have a throwing on the far side of the field. All going into Gonzales, whose immediately defended by two switchbacks players, he loses it. But then the switchbacks can't keep it in play. Now throwing for Tacoma just shy of midfield. Long throwing taken away. I'm a King. Gila plays it back to Sean Melvin. How up to Edwards just outside the 18. Now to the near side line for Sebastian Andersson. He'll chip it over and stopped looking for hockey Beria header by Tacoma stops that passed. Now I made feel the battle for the ball and a whistle will go. Against the switchbacks, Andre Lewis and Sebastian Andersson getting mixed up there at the midfield line with Danny Rowe Bliss and then we'll go against the good guys so quick restart. Coming here for Carlos. I'm going on. Oh, Magliano plays it short. Now a long pass over the top. Nobody home couple of hops, now a third and Sean Melvin gloves it for the switchbacks. So Tacoma's trying, but they're having a difficult time right now generating much. The attacking end of the field Now, Beverly Macca Gila chipped over the top looking for me, Chief Galina Galina into the box takes a shot. Safety by Richie Galina tries again, but it hits the side of the goal. And the first Real excitement in this one. As a one of the shortest goal kicks in the history of gold cakes from Spencer Richey, starts to coma back the other way quickly there into the attacking end, though. Just like that This game has opened up a lot is a beautiful pass from Beverly McConville a up over the top, letting me she Galina stretches legs run onto that one. It was a terrific save, also by Spencer Richey. Then the defiant straight down the other end of the switchbacks deal with it well, and they'll look to push forward on the right hand side with Sebastian Andersson. They will And Anderson's pass deflected gets to Haji Berry, who is offside. And Tacoma will get it right back. And they'll Play back towards goal have it right above their 18 yard box now working to midfield. Man like a flash. They come onto the attacking into the field with Carlos Adriano. Adriano gets that ball up to Marlon Vargas Vargas. The near sideline. For Alex Villanueva. Ocampo, Chavez. Good ball movement here by Tacoma as they go back towards midfield. How Chavez To agree on. Oh, Back across midfield to the to comb my side. R G Barry, Andre Lewis. Michi Galina, Pressuring. Now at your very It comes to do the same thing. Tacoma still with possession here. I mean up on 11 minutes into this one, no score. G Galina with a chance moments ago but saved by Spencer Richey, now long pass over the top Tacoma able to keep it in play along the end line, They'll set it up and They will score that one immediately hit something. I think there's concrete on the back side of the goal, and it went in and immediately bounced back. Onto the field of play. Never quite seen it do that before, but it is a good goal going to be Bargas. I believe with the finish and we're going to get a look at the replay here. They just played a ball over the top. And a great job of keep being in play on the end line, and then just a casual setup. And a goal scored here. So the last thing that the switchbacks wanted to do Was conceived an early goal and that happens to be the case that was the Most tightly strong net I've ever seen in my life. It ricocheted off of that thing. Like Novak Djokovic, just one handed backhand. The French Open final. That thing just bounce straight out of the net. And it was Marlon Vargas with the finish is terrific work from Tacoma was one long pass over the top that got them in behind. It was a great centering cross and then Vargas on hand with the finish one nil defiance. And I think Tacoma did exactly what they wanted to do and low the switchbacks to sleep there and they end up getting a gold switchbacks come back on the counter, and they're going to get A corner kick here. And it will go short from Echeverria to Andre Lewis Lewis Going far post headed away by Tacoma not completely out of danger, but the defines take possession. And send it Cross midfield. Tristan Hodge, giving chase on the far side tracks it down four switchbacks FC now over to Sebastian Andersson. Switchbacks chasing a game just like they did on Saturday night down in El Paso. Long cross field pass from Sebastian Andersson little bit too far out of the reach of its intended target, and as Tacoma tries to bring the ball back up. They lose it out of play switchbacks with the throwing far side. Echeverria..

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