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Fourth quarter in Death Valley, Virginia, trailing top ranked Clemson 34 to 17 1 of the favorites to win the Heisman in the probable first overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft, Trevor Laurence with three touchdown passes. Looks like number seven. Auburn is no match for the fourth ranked Georgia Bulldogs late in the fourth quarter. Georgia's solidly in control leading 27 to 6 Georgia overcame a slow start last week against Arkansas before eventually winning big but maybe Wasn't so much a slow start. Maybe the Razorbacks aren't that bad this year. Arkansas leading number 16 Mississippi State 21 to 14 late in the fourth quarter, the Bulldogs beat defending champion Ellis you last week. Of the 20th ranked Tigers, rolling tonight against Vanderbilt late in the fourth quarter, 41 to 7 in the third quarter. 11th ranked UCF, leading Tulsa only by a 70.26 25 the score couple of breaking news items in the past. Half hour hour. So the nationals cutting ties with pitching coach Paul Men heart following 15 years in the organization and ESPN is Adam Schefter tweeting that all other Patriots tests returned negative tonight. Earlier today, news broke that quarterback Cam Newton tested positive. New England was scheduled to play Kansas City tomorrow. The Chiefs had a practice squad player test positive as well. So the game postponed but as of now looking like it's going to be played Monday per negative tests on the chief side. I'm Christiane W Topi Sports. Thank you, Chris. There is confusion about absentee ballots in Virginia, and now the courts are being asked to help clear it up. It's 10 47 Michael Robinson. I remember the day when you first came into the good feed store. I remember to Jonathan. To be honest, I was a skeptic. As a former pro football player. I felt I had the best treatment and products for foot pain. I certainly have paid enough for them. But the only problem is they didn't work. Then we fit you with good feet. Art supports and what was the light? Relief. Comfort and support, not just for my feet but alignment for my entire body manner through all of the other stuff away, and now I can get out of bed without worrying about my feet. So if you have these art supports earlier, you really think you would have two championship rings now? No doubt about it. Hey, maybe would have helped me play football. Not think you made the right source. Jonathan. Just keep on running, brother. Okay, Michael, you don't have to be an elite athlete like Michael Robinson to benefit from good feet. Art supports come in for your free fitting and test walk Maken appointment today. At good feet dot com. Listen up Maryland Election Day.

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