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So that's not surprising that media fails. Their diversity of different types also matters. MacKenzie found a statistically significant correlation between a more diverse leadership team and financial outperformance. So meanwhile, the article goes on to say the least diverse companies. The ones in the bottom percentiles for both gender and ethnicity are twenty nine percent less likely to outperform. In profitability. So for those who want to make the outdated argument that it's a pipeline problem, McKinsey notes how women received thirty five percent and thirty three percent of bachelor and masters degrees respectively yet make up just seventeen percent of executives. Meanwhile people of color received thirty percent of the bachelor degrees in science, technology, engineering, and math since two thousand yet just twelve percent of executives, McKinsey sample or people of color, McKinsey points to Salesforce as an example of a company that delivers on diversity and inclusion, noting its decision to create a c. suite role of chief equality officer, and it's worked to close the gender, pay gap, crafting a truly effective inclusion. Diversity strategy is no small effort and requires strong and sustained inclusive leadership. The report states, but we and many of the companies we studied indepth believe the potential benefits of stronger business performance are well worth it. Now what stood out to me? One of the many things set out to me and this art tech crunch article from. Early twenty eighteen is a Salesforce. I actually one of my first interviews as a journalist, I interviewed Mark Benny off the founder and now Cosio. He was co for very long time, but he recently switched to co-ceo. So Mark, Benny off one of my first interviews is a journalist, and it was a stupid little interview. We did where I was asking him because I was still young journalist, cutting my teeth in newsroom, and I was asking him the Simon was to find out what was on his desk. What is office was like what he surrounded himself with, and I'll never forget it. Mark, Benny off had a iota doll on his desk, and this is somebody who you know Mark Benny off has been known to quote Star Wars, and the man is a billionaire, and he's achieved over time a company that is a leader and showing that diversity is a strength that diversity is is is great for business and MacKenzie MacKenzie. Talk about like late capitalism, McKenzie's. He first and foremost. Even by the almighty dollar. They're not doing this because it's like Disney's a small world. They're saying, no, the numbers add up looks really good. You guys should really do this for your bottom line and Mark, Benny off being leader of that and really showing that why why matters and why it looks good. I'm not surprised that this is a man who has iota on his desk front and center and is driven by something like a higher ideal and that higher ideal paying them off and a very big way and being very good for business. I was really touched by that because you never know a girl, never forgets one of her first interviews and so that was really nice to see. So all of that goes to say, now, let's look at the dark side of what happens when you don't have a lot of diversity in the media, you get stories like Joe Bernstein and BuzzFeed doing a series of articles talking about what joy Reid may or may not have blog d- ten years ago, I simply don't care, does joy Bernstein not believe in evolution. All of us have blog. Stupid stuff and tweeted stupid stuff. Every single one of us in our lives. It's just human nature. We're, we're, we're dumb like global warming is coming for us like humans are nearly, you know, we're not. We all blog stupid stuff. And speaking of Joe Bernstein provides his own example when he tweeted recently, he tweeted one depressing thing about the US in two thousand eighteen is there isn't a writer, novelist journalist SAS who's capable of synthesizing the moment. Well, he got massively wrote ratio for that with like hundreds of people calling him out and some people calling out Sarah Ken Zere as a prime example of somebody who from the start has warned us about Trump winning and from the start has synthesizes the moment in so many ways. Sarah, like I could objectively point out the fact that your essay be all of us having to be the light now for ourselves that went viral in thousand sixteen when when when people. Our coma toes was shock. Over Trump's surprise election..

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