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Has been looking out after this and been a frequent critic of the of the prosecutor is on the other end of our line. He is McComb county Commissioner Leandro let who's been very concerned about where all this. Money's been going and liens with us this morning. Good morning. How are you? Good morning, Frank. I'm doing well. Thank you, very well. Thank you for joining us on short notice. The did you know this was coming? I did not know what's coming. I found out about just shortly ago. The rate of the office of the few weeks ago in that state police raided the prosecutor's office that downtown building this is new so so what what did you think of this though, ready is home? What is that? What does it say to you? What what was your reaction? Well, I think it says that the state police are doing a very thorough job and taking the concerns very seriously. I would be more concerned if we knew what we know about how these funds were spent in law enforcement wasn't taking it seriously. So I think we can be comforted that when this information had been uncovered and Ben reported that it's being taken seriously by state authorities and other authorities all right now, this is money that was taken in from from drug dealers in the lake right? Well, more drunk drivers. You know, when you get your car taking me when you're drunk driving pay nine dollars, you get back and the bulk of the money that was taken us from those circumstances. Yes. Drug cases amount to a certain percent as well. All right, but nine hundred grand that's a lot of glue. Glue in you know, why the issue of the prosecutor having full control over this money was not brought up before is still bit of mystery me, you know, it's supposed to be handed over to the county treasurer inappropriate by the county board under law, but instead of his own account setup where he is a served as old appropriate or in his own treasurer in his own accountant in deciding how to spend that money, and when did become we did come aware of this and the money was eventually rested in transferred into the county accounts. Vaki was a chance to review the how the money had been spent in the past. And as I review that I started noticing some very significant problems not just money handed out to charities if no law enforcement purpose of money is supposed to go to law enforcement. But instead he's writing checks out to habitat for humanity to churches in his area. See places like that with no contact with any long distance. But even worse you start to see sex into his alma mater, his high school, the only high school that got money for ads near yearbook that say, you know, go big reds or you see money at five thousand dollar check into the school that his kids go to for their students are support group. No other elementary school is getting this money. Just the one that his kids would go to injure start to see a pattern where this money is going to law enforcement on in fact, in many cases, it's being targeted directly to specific areas. Clinton township mount Clemens Qantas. Club optimists clubs all these various service organizations senior center, but no other places. Now, if I'm kinda defend myself against this. And I have this this series of checks that are coming into question. Here leon. My argument is gonna be they they all were for charitable perpetrator purposes. And and none of it really benefited me. So I'm I'm not using it for personal use. Therefore, I'm not guilty of anything. Well, there's two reasons that that's a little concerning number one. The money must go to law enforcement purposes. It's there's no law that says a elected official can decide what scenes they like to spend money on. Don't maybe money should go to attach your many. But not the purpose of these funds. They have to be appropriated through law. So there's a second these are for some organizations that may not benefit him as an individual taking his family to Disney might. But when you get to walk into your local kids elementary school with a five thousand dollar check out here in group, or when you're doing as your own private charity fund that giving it to you like instead of having the public benefit you'll feel inappropriate process that's concerned. But even bigger than answering. There are tens of thousands of dollars. It's not more. Will we have no idea how the money was spent because they were six written directly to credit cards. Individuals Tivat credit cards with no detailing of how that money was used. So we know now to that. And that's why there is a phrase Kadett distinct undertaking we initiated the border Christner's. But that does state police have essentially taken over to tell me amount of time. But I gotta ask you this question. Do you expect that there will be some criminal charges brought against the prosecutor at some point? I know that laws have been broken as to how the money should be handled extent of whether criminal charges John debt. I don't know. But I can tell you that the money was not spent as legally required. All right. More to come. We shall we feel keep watching the story as it unfolds. The latest development today and leeann thank you for the time this morning. Appreciate it, my friend. Thank you, very much McComb county Commissioner Leandro this guy, Gordon, I'm here with certified elder law. Attorney Glenn mannequin do people that have gone through a state planning tend to have a false sense of security. They may not realize that there could be a big surprise if you have to put mom and dad in long term care facility. Yes. And I think there are two sides law. There's an estate planning side. And there's an elder law side the elderlaw site actually deals with how are we going to protect your assets and make sure you have the best care possible. While you're here. How soon should we start considering contacting attorney? Everybody should at least have that discussion. Even early on. You know, when you're a younger person with young children to protect from a long-term care standpoint. The foundational plan you should get in places early as possible. So you don't have to worry about it down the line. How aware are the majority of families about the financial impact of this today underestimate with the financial impacts going to be or do they tend to be overestimating? No, they underestimate in in the cost of skilled nursing homes averages over eight thousand dollars per month. And when people come into the office, the three things that they always here out there are if I have a loved one in nursing home. I'm going to lose my home. I have to spend every dime. I before I can get help with governmental benefits for long term care or if I give away assets within five years of applying for governmental benefits, I'm disqualified and all of those things are false. So who are the family members that would most benefit from having? The specialize service that you can provide. So there are a couple of things a lot of times we're dealing with spouses. So if there a husband and wife in one of the spouses is going into the nursing home a lot of times, we're dealing with the spouse that's outside of the nursing home. But also, we're dealing with children over dealing with the sons and the daughters going back in his offices in McComb, Livingston and Oakland County..

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