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West Palm Beach Fort Pierce from ABC news. I'm Dave Packer. What? Now, Jeff Sessions is out as a general and Matthew Whitaker is in as acting AG. So what happens to the special counsel probe into election? Medley ousting of Jeff Sessions rearranges oversight of special counsel. Robert muller. Sessions had recused himself from matters related to Russian election meddling leaving his deputy, rod Rosenstein and charge the new acting attorney. General Matthew Whitaker is not recused and instantly takes over where Rosenstein is given Muller. Wide berth Whitaker has expressed skepticism about Muller's investigation ABC's Eric Turkey. It's that skepticism. That's prompting Democrats to call for Whitaker to recuse himself from the Russia investigation. ABC's Mary, Bruce, you are already seeing Elijah Cummings who's in line to become the chair of the powerful house committee on oversight and government reform saying that they need to investigate the real reason behind this firing to confirm that the new acting attorney general Whitaker, I it will recuse himself from the special counsel's probe and he wants to ensure that the DOJ has some safeguards in place to preserve the Integra. Many of the Muller investigation. Fair event thirty one notable resignations or terminations from the Trump administration. New Mexico secretary of state is naming democrat so Chiel Torres small the winner in the state second congressional district. It would mean Democrats have gained thirty house seats and Nancy Pelosi is formally announced her campaign for house speaker. The White House says it's a spending the press pass of CNN correspondent Jim Acosta, alleging he placed his hands on a female entered the cost of tweets, this is ally. While the White House Correspondents Association says the reaction is out of line with the purported offense. There is a US military leadership change in South Korea where army general Robert Adamses now heading the US forces there. I deeply honored.

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