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Distress you know for his entire stash a meal money all the way to the first day of the road hello he's now think and I got I got to eat you know and then they get off the bus the you know Hey you're you're actually right I gotta eat insurance like nope no buffalo Grove he was ruthless in Black Jack well I think you would make up for it because he provided really good help provide really good spread courthouse spread better double life you've ever during the course of this year but you're the competitiveness came out there even when he's you know basically playing up its million versus pennies you know the the equivalent of the dollars that they're being back there but he was ruthless in that regard too by the way you're talking about the spreads I know you read the other day that many room there is going to try to make a comeback I think in career or Taiwan I forget which league but he's come back I want right what the reasons he gave was the post game food when he talked about it I missed the game I missed my teammates all the answers it expects spread it another reason exactly gold rose was you know I would I would think he gives his opening pretty well you know for the last year that you can afford that I think you could do that that that many by the way is yeah I think it's I once heard by member on I believe I told the story of the year once you physical place example one of the things that I'm kind of just I'm I'm holding out things for my own head them from my own don't **** come into Google talk stories that would otherwise fit into an everyday situation when you're trying to come with baseball game or a baseball team and the other daily things of more importance but just hearing many name reminded me of the day he got credit from the red Sox for the Dodgers and was back in two thousand eight trade deadline your management terrorizing Yankees red Sox before that with the Indians and now I hear you scream L. A. Dodgers two huge stories reflects finally you know say enough of man is the man well that night I happened to be Yankee Stadium and I get in the elevator OPAQ stadium to go to the press must work for the game time there's only two of the people know better it's meaning it's John at Howard who was a columnist and Henry Kissinger secretary of state Nobel Prize winner he happens to walking is going up north summers box or by your videos listen I don't borders and I'm gonna put this out on the on the start times I've been writing on WFAN dot com this is sort quickly hopefully entertain somebody and basically the story is that I I couldn't resist asking him or accusing your start menu America's and he just looked at me with that pick they mostly German accent he shook his head all what a trouble maker while the people you've dealt with in his life you know the client and trouble maker yeah right the people you don't want all over the world and Mandy is a troublemaker I I thought that was gone who is the mode now you got me thinking who's the most random person you shared an elevator with the Yankee Stadium Arnott think that's gonna be yet either I remember going yup I remember going in an elevator once we went toe to measure what come to try to first pitch it must have been a a post season game and the they were probably another ten or eleven twelve people elevator and we were all silent nobody wanted to mess with this vibe of guilty it was all my gosh wouldn't elevator with Joe DiMaggio another time I remember I remember being elevated by myself with Phil Rizzuto okay and I it is probably eighteen ninety five on the cover we can game and I've never met still I talked on the phone probably three times as well as a producer of radio stations back then and out with both Kelly elevator and introduce myself to own little and also the lowest I have nothing else to say this guy is just awkward silence during up I don't know what else to say don't adhere to silence and he said well there is the same thing is really kicking off on yeah yeah we've been going there for a while now like he he was trying to make small talk with me and that's that's what he came up with that was kind of funny and I remember no time same elevator years later two thousand one number two to make the point plan Oakland right and there's a great story about Alex coffee in the athletic this week where she tracked down here and you're gonna be right and basically all the reasons of why why he didn't live in what would have happened if you did and what he's been living with all these years on the other end of one of these great famous plays but they're cuter well one of the playoff games after that Rizzuto threw out the first pitch instead of throwing it he sprinted from the mound toward the first base line and the ball home mimicking Jeter and the crowded already well the next playoff home playoff game after that I would like analytics attempts all guys and I forget if I was getting out and he was getting I was giving you can't help but as the doors are closing I said thanks to our uniform but again that is one are you huckleberry and walked out and the doors close and he was clearly touched all prescription drugs because I looked at the people in America so it's pretty awesome I just got a whole comparison for legal elevators Nikki let me does a man never be able to prove this but just watching that old one run of the Yankees and what people think well I don't know how many people forget it maybe everybody remembers they lost the first two games at home a best of five series coming back from down to like that is not easy even if G. army scores to tie the game up at one yeah he's found a way to win anyway you know I I cut it may have gone twelve yeah you've gotten fifteen but they would have beaten the Oakland A.'s in Oakland to force a game for then when the next when the next when the next two games anyway my book just remember if if Jeremy Giambi scores the go ahead run the third base and they're still not nearly the consort of right leaning still could even still continuing and the whole life you know what what are how was doing in the dugout was trying to keep your new job he's back in the lineup if it came back around later on yet if you score one run there or two runs there you're probably not only chance to call right right right right I thank the that game I mean and you watch a lot of these I mean you've watched a ton of these and I went back and watched game five of the ninety six World Series the one nothing game one of the great underrated games of all time this game we're talking about game three the division series I get it's early on it's not a winner take all game one of the most underrated great games of all time because not only do you have that play but you have these just awesome pitchers duel between zero and Masina and I remember the Asia down around the face and Marriott any gave up a double with one out to the ASEC two cracks that tied the game in the bottom of the ninth inning again against the great Marianna Rivera and they obviously didn't you know he's Marriott and the gal that made the last out of the game it was Jeremy Gigante what unlike the idea was that our house can mock who was the bench coach both talk to me about this after the fact was that they were hoping to keep young he's back in the lineup knowing that if adults crack in Moreno right John B. and this is in the article to like he was he the eighth collectively batted one something against Rivera we're gonna be bad two fifty but it was one for four this is the Oakland A.'s Phillips money fall two thousand one they have to realize what all one word right HM the fact that Rivera once you get back like crazy because of this color he was breaking almost backs in a lot of times seems a preferred right handed batters against Rivera for that reason so you know all that swelling and this is their analytics data that is revealing what they selected your mom beyonc kept back in the one of the specific reason he grounded out weakly to second base to end the game against Robert yeah Hey Melanie that was the seventh inning the flip play too so really there's no excuse at that that late in the game down a run to not get a mountain front that's a great game but because if you take the we only have one more current fad right right got me a fitting culmination is over we yeah right there that's the end and after that the next day the Yankees all scored I think three or four early in the first inning and they took it back to game five New York one game five in New York and then you know the ones they want to but another part of that game three I feel this came up a lot last year during my Christmas holiday in duction here you know I've always looked at what people talk about is you know not it he didn't have a will bring but you realize that he threw in elimination games he threw ten scoreless innings for the Yankees seven in that game three in Oakland to fourth place and then three out of the bullpen in the Allen blue game game seven thousand yes yes because we think about the who killed monumental events that happen looking at your foot and home run it gets washed the slides that need a little really hello because what they are if Mike missing those bullets ten scoreless innings of games based companies I'm trying to think if I'm to get anybody because the Yankees have been around for a million years and will eliminate Jack Chesbro who pitched for the Highlanders Masina may be the best Yankee pitcher to not win a championship I'm trying to think about the getting somebody out but that's a really good that's a really good except for a length of time right yeah yeah a year anything like that yeah he was there for eight years had a very good career with the Yankees me one over a hundred games as a Yankee but you think of everyone else you know you think of Ron kitrey you think of Whitey Ford you think of Maine the Pettitte these guys one these guys are a championship team CCC Bappi was there for eleven years won a championship you go back further guys explode Chandler and Allie Reynolds at one championship Roger Clemens one championship David cone so he probably and I know it's tough to be on the Yankees be great and not win a title because winning almost every decade obviously but I'm thinking I got a little pockets in time where they didn't win with write E. mails between sixty three and seventy six you know a guy like Mel Stottlemyre crying was a really good pictures you're right he's one because even when he was in the World Series but then when you're right he's probably the best yeah tell him because he came up in sixty four career you had injuries in its current over before they got a one again seven seven but the injuries factor into a Koreans out a hall of fame pitcher missing is a hall of fame pitcher so you're probably gonna put him in that status above about sodomite what what you talk about your really good point that there it's not a long list but he's got to be probably at the top I would think in the top of my head right now real quick swing I know you and Eddie been doing podcasts and I have discussed this but how do you see this baseball season re opening do you think it's going to be one two locations do you think they're eventually going to get it into the whole ball parks with no crowds what's your sense of how we see baseball if we see baseball twenty twenty I mean I think if it's if it's going to happen it's goddess star in New York the multiple locations if you're talking about spring training sites no fans I don't know how to graduate we'll be back home ballparks when there are built in inequity is into you know each state each area they're not all the dancing at the same rate to the point where you can just open up all these different stadiums are equally understands although fans are going to be part of this as much as people want to think about the idea of letting some fans in the you can only control that distancing to some degree you know even if you want to save that ten thousand people in the fifty thousand stadium and spreading out the first pitch gets filed into the seats were terribly doing opening towards the fall can't keep them apart enough to make it worse at this point unless you know there are some other breakthrough but I love the idea that the fasten what about this postseason south permanent that even if you don't get a regular feature of any kind you have some sort of round robin tournament that is played all style baseball I think we all know that this season is different than any other except for what it is until you can get back to normal but I think everybody's making whatever they can to get some sort of TV content on the on the field and and get these players to produce something that would generate folks around them seven of ten for us thank you checkout Sweeney's podcast thirty with meridian obviously follow Matt Yankees WFAN thank you for joining me and for you your family stay safe obviously thank you and everybody else out there thanks thank you Sir Sweeny murti on baseball of the past and maybe baseball of the future it's very different when you think about re opening baseball compared to basketball and hockey because basketball hockey has had their regular season we started this thing we started this thing thinking we were gonna have a playoff normal you know sixteen teams in.

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