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I I like you think of him. I'm going to pretend I didn't know that I think is a lone wolf who just shows up to these things and and like. Where's the hot spot? Let me get in the creek on some checks and have a good time to that guy he is shooter mcgavin. There's no he'll play it up too. Yeah Oh yeah embraces it like hardcore due to the Max out of any character that like that still exists after twenty years of playing said character. How many of them do you think actually respond to their name without getting I mean and and I don't know his real name I'd call him Jack Morris like that right so I mean you've got a little resentful of how many guys that were defined one character embrace embrace it? He's like shoot or you WanNa go to sizzler. And he's every time like had it'd be like fuck you. We know if that account is connected to him at all. I don't think it isn't that guy's just like a social media savvy guy who knows the role that the only thing is is like. It's so fast how he knows what's happening like even like I said last year like immediately he was like not that I was with David Gas. It's his buddy that you saw them. Sure he's anytime. That guy goes anywhere he gets like. DM's video he was tagged two thousand times around Bryher. Yeah Yeah Yeah Great Parody Account James from South Carolina. James going buddy I mean a go from South Carolina to my through the rougher Audi raeside into the fights of the West thunderstorms probably about I'm here there you go. I mean you know. I'm sure there are certain people who would prefer that didn't happen but again if you're in it for the memory of it all if you're not like prissy or you're not you know I'm sure people some people were worried about their shoes like you said and stuff like that but if a ruin. Yeah but that's what I wish. I wish that I had known that it was going to be like that. And then I would have dressed rest for I mean. I don't think anybody could have predicted that rain. Where you with everybody with GonNa just rolling going with the flow Man My shoes are still wet this morning. But it ain't no honestly I won't forget. Yeah man thank you. I appreciate you coming out for that making the trip. I feel like if you are are people you're down you know. Just Miami the Miami and heard about us and heard we're going to be the big party Freddie and you got all dolled up and went and didn't know the score you might be like what the fuck this is but if you're down with us that was there's a video of Mo jo so from the WWe carrying Charlotte flare out from underneath like. She's a wounded soldier. Just sprinting across to like cover. I wish I could Somebody but he should try to track down all the celebrity tales of getting home. Because I like because if if you didn't have a situation like you and then there is so many people that just Kinda got lucky. It looked like we were going to be stuck there for hours because I mean it's not like an arena where you can spell out everywhere like oh you're basically spilling out into like a little last neighborhood. Yeah how the fuck are you getting all these. I don't even want to think about this surge rate and that was to I mean I don't even know what that guy paid us to get home. I would have paid anything thousand dollar. Oh Shit whatever I mean in a weird city I just get the fuck home but either way guys I feel like everybody is kind of on the same page. I feel like everybody buddy thinks as a success memory and I'm sure it was fucked on work. It's unbelievable to think that like rain could just like just bad weather and ruins like you know well The next day rained the whole time. They were there people everybody here at the beach and people are like just fucked up again bathing suits so yeah it was. I wonder like if you had known own. Let's I don't know somehow could have predicted the weather. Would you have done like I wonder if we could have done your turn into like where you're bathing suit or like you know it's going to be like an outdoor like fiasco. Oh or whatever because the only thing that like the only thing is when you weren't aren't prepared for it like yeah you know you're gonNA be like in a woodstock situation where it's fucking like. Let's just like party in the rain and actually kind kind of becomes a fun thing then. Yeah it's a barn. It's like I know it's going to be a mess less roll with it Overall though is the rough and rowdy people usually like more knockouts coutts or more like the the fuck guy the guy got out of breath. Fuck you man. That's that's tough like the reigning champ. But the the midgets were a good time. The every I mean everything else rain aside I feel like Ghana went along like okay cording to plan but are we doing to get in Tampa gas. I've diving tonight to talk. Talk to David Bowie. If he wants to be rough around but swimming. We're going to do it again. I I would imagine you're going to Tampa next month trying to plan this again. I did actually look at some venues one because we had done a blackout in Tampa Florida. Beach the beach which was when I went to like housing go on the beach. That's Wagner. Go Twenty twenty one then from Miami. What's up local boy? Would you thank God. That rough and rowdy got three good stories for you. The milk man's family was absolutely electric. Yeah the MILKMAN. If you're familiar with Robin Rowdy fighting like our Sun within the rank with their screaming. That's my son. Sam darnold walked right. Fire is like a half ways. Hit out of nowhere goes. Hey Sam talk to you. I'm seeing ghosts and I had never laughed so hard in my life. Dan Listen you come to our party. Two years it's going to be one of the people in the mix so Obama for his head down to four is it is quite the scene man. Nobody nobody gets like any You know you're just like everybody else. When you've got a black torches they're to fucking let rip and ride whereas Dante in that must have been bombed that they couldn't play out their whole set Dante John W were freaking out because the stage each got overrun against all of us on the stage was just filled with like five hundred people so and you get on stage at the blackout towards dance? Come on how but no they where I mean. They were from what I hear. They were like actually the next Erica. She's so positive. It's crazy from what we've dealt with our life with. She'd text me she goes. Could you just let Dante. I know that he's an amazing talent. And I'm like I like you're not gonna like no one's ever going to tell you this Erica. But this is a true story. Yeah I'm like in and you know this is probably the only thing you've ever gotten positive and your fifteen years like around Barstool and this is it. And he's like Oh man that's so nice but now he was. He was backed loving like back. It was just like old. Yeah it was short lived but for the moment there with the intro the drop the smoke the songs all that Shit at one point when we were running the opening package judge and I it was probably when I was standing there goofy smiling because that opener package was great and Joe Borough was talking to his buddy and he turned me is what's going on right now because like if you don't know if you weren't around Oh you don't get it and I was like it's a long story man I I couldn't even describes right now just know like shits about to go junior high. Don't worry you or not even actually newsworld. Yeah you just reminded me of so amount side talking to the fire department. It's midnight the blackouts about to start. There's tornado warnings. And all this shit then all of a sudden the siren just starts blaring from the video. Literal Tornado Siren Star Star like Kallio Lego. So the cops and shit like they think fucking tornadoes actually actually come because they don't like this is why we actually Tornados happening. And I'm like no like this like it's been ten years. Whatever very didn't help my piece basically right right well either way? Awesome stuff will never be forgotten. And we're GonNa hit our first break last with this new lineup and we'll come back. We'll get some more calls Dominican. Dylan's on hold. We'll talk to him. We'll get into some more Miami stories and we'll talk a little super for ball when we get back on C. C. K.. Power you in the Zillion beer movement is here. And we're doing zillion beer moving woman on C. C. K. with Miller lite always drink responsibly. But when you're getting into Zillion Beer vibe make sure you do it with Miller lite. It's Miller time baby. We were drinking mill lights nights with Rob mclane drinking and my buddies Dana. Greg Miller lite says he goes to the moon. Everybody who's drinking beer and having a good time and sharing stories is is doing it with a Miller lite. It's the most important beer on the market. Is the most important thing you can do. Is Sarah Beer with your buddies. Share with your friends and remember that drinking we can beers hanging out with your buddies. It's the original social media when you back in the day when you had a story to tell a joke to get off you WanNa talk to somebody you get on your phone. You didn't get on the computer you went to the bar. Open the beer with your hands. Vital Burg Burgh somehow can't open up beer with his hands. But I can't and the rest of the world can and you share. Your stories is over a cold one. That's what military means to me..

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