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Welcome back or the lamb listeners. This is Mike Porcellian, the order lab studios with David Goldsmith of Urban Classics in Brooklyn. Jerry and Ro Hanna pissed story in the urban from the D. N. J Diagnostic facility and Seafood Long Island. Geoff Ellen from the New York transmission group in Queens. And we also have Robert Erskine standing by to come back in a few minutes with his second report for the day. But right now, that's remind you call us with your questions. Anyone a motive. Questions at 8886927234. Or email US at orderly of radio at gmail dot com. And to everybody who e mailed us during the week. We will get to your questions during this. Hour or the next hour, but right now we have two Koehler's Let's see what Noel has to say. No. L Yes. Hired Michael. I was going to use your shop of also used David shop when he was located in Mexico. Man handbrake with happy results, I hope Yeah, do it. Basically, we won't ask you to choose who to treated you better. We won't ask you to choose. While they tell you the truth, both of you, you were even because you told me go back to Michael because there was some problem that occurred and Lily and sure enough, he took care of it so Both guys are great concerning that reservoir for the antifreeze. Where was empty? It turns out the dealership was doing the right thing. Right thing in that they wanted my daughter to keep the car to leave the car. But apparently that day she couldn't She couldn't do it, cause I was a little pretend I'm saying all he did was fill it up and they didn't follow up. That was not a true statement. They did follow up is pissed that she could mean that that did it eventually get taken care of. Well, just like our kids. They don't give you all the information. I have no idea what we're standing right now. So well, you know, if if she still had a problem, you know she'd be complaining to Daddy. That's true, too. Right? So maybe things are someone sable So no, no, no. No News is good news. That's true. And the only other thing is that what happened to the last time I called David, I think was there, he said, write something down. And that triggered because I can't use my right hand it all so that triggered something on my end. But everything is somewhat stable. We'll see what takes place. And, uh, the email, Andrew because I want to send, uh I have ah, part that I need for a Kia so I can take a picture and send it to that email that you just stated. You can email us any time at auto live radio at gmail dot com. Little that radio That's one word had even mailed back. Calm. Okay, Great. All right. Great Show. Have a good day. You two Now, Stanley is calling from Ronco, Stanley. You and Ron Con coma. No, I'm in a four block. Okay, close. Okay. I want you to direct this question, too. Don't write good. What is it?.

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