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Okay so that would that was the defiant part but then it was a misfire yes so she puts the two together and you get this stupid phrase defiant misfired that means nothing that you know what this is the easter crew the historic grew it's it's very it's very hard to get anything from from corporate media during easter any other vacation because they're gone four saturday in which the isolated communist nation ballistic missiles on parade including some we haven't seen before more now from ben tracy inside the north korean capital gang when it comes to military parades north korea certainly knows how to put on a show stepping soldiers rolling tanks and rocket launchers heats elaborate scene involving hundreds of thousands of people that would be the envy of any super bowl time show anytime north korea has one of these military parades us military experts closely examined what they're parading down the street they're looking for signs that north breeze closer to developing a long range nuclear missile that could reach the united states and the signs were troubling for the first time north korea displayed new long range ballistic missiles that can be from both land in seat they are believed to be the same missile successfully tested in february and you sell it fueled and our hold arm a second but i just want to hear the same sound effect of the missile of the that they were using for the tomahawks it sounds a lot like it let's just do a comparison here.

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