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The ACLU to help get those two state questions past which. Decriminalize Went they went from felonies to, misdemeanors lots of, drug charges so and it's. It's beginning to help save the state some. Money, it's we're not putting. People in jail for, two. Hundred dollars. Worth. Of drugs so it is working. I believe so, I think? There needs to be more data gathered there's some questions over? The, data the state released and how much. The, actual savings were but I think you can go. To people, especially those the boots on. The. Grounds group, you know people in the front lines probation officers. Judges prosecutors in public defenders and they will tell you that it is beginning to show some progress what is. The Poynter institute do, this I know they do special topic seminars around the country but why did they, choose to. Do that here and doing they're doing several of them across across the country they're all they're doing the jail study across the country I think It's one of their big subjects for this. Year I think they chose Oklahoma City? Because it was one of the first in the country, that did this big Justice reform initiative an interesting thing about? It is it wasn't done through the religious community. Or things like that it was done through the business. Community and That, I think that surprised a lot of people that. The chamber was so supportive of it you know based on what you've told me tonight it makes Brian, monster shine program of seemed like it is right on target well and I think a lot of programs like. That can plug into this and and you know. Commissioner mon- may have been ahead of his time there's there's lots of ideas and programs that that dovetail into the Justice reinvestment. Initiative and can you know I I would much rather some kid nineteen year old kid that. Gets busted for forty dollars worth of pot I'd much rather, him being working than. Picking up trash exactly even if he goes back to you,.

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