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Policy problem with one of the nation's top researchers without jargon. For this week's episode I spoke to Douglas Berman is the director of the drug enforcement and policy center and Newton, deep Baker Baker and Hostetler chair at Morris college of law at the highest state university. Here's our conversation, Douglas. Thanks for coming. On the show. Thanks for having me. So America has very long history of criminalising drugs. If we could get some background, that would be great. What is this war on drugs? And when did it start. Well, we need a couple podcasts just start unpacking that the right, we'll call drug warriors. We tend to talk about it now really kicks off only in nineteen seventy. Although there's there's all sorts of ups and downs before that. In fact, I often think of alcohol prohibition is perhaps the most significant part of the drug war given that we changed the US constitution in order to facilitate having a blanket prohibition on alcohol production and consumption that obviously got undone. But right after that is actually win, particularly with the focus on marijuana. The drug were kind of morphed once once alcohol prohibition went away. The apparatus that was put in place to enforce prohibition of alcohol at the federal level, especially were kind of looking for other drugs to focus on marijuana became the focal point. And then the modern version of that came through what the law known as the controlled substances act. That's the nineteen seventies a Nixon era, federal blanket law that really provides. The framework and foundation for all of drug law in the United States today. Many states have based their prohibitions on the controlled substances act, but over time through a variety of developments, particularly politicians and and enforcers looking to take particular use of the criminal Justice provisions of the controlled substances act at the federal level parallel provisions of the state level..

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