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4 41 I'm Paul Cross news radio 6 10 wi od Way to have some icky whether to contend with this morning just in some spots, though Isolated rain showers will be passing through here. You have a couple of showers and thunderstorms actually near medley and making its way across through Miami Gardens and portions of Miramar heading toward Hollywood as well where it's 71 degrees right now. It's five a one. Tom Brady now has seven Super Bowl championships more than any single NFL team. Brady leading the Tampa Bay Bucks last night with 31 9 win over the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs in Tampa. I figure all special It's been amazing year Amazing year we stopped a good start 72 and then had little rough stretch. Just really proud of all the guys were new airplane, a great football team and we got the job done. Brady throwing for 201 yards and three touchdowns, winning the game and his fifth Super Bowl most valuable player, the 43 Year old says he will be back in the fall, the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots each half six Super Bowl titles. And as Super Bowl 55 is now in the history books. But what happens now that the big game is over? As far as health is concerned, Dr. Kavita Patel is a primary care physician in Washington warns that new strains of coronavirus popping up across the country. May spread farther and faster. As a result, the previously one person could get two people infected with these new strains. It's possible that one person can get three people infected and so on. The concern comes as a new study shows the AstraZeneca covert 19 vaccine as only limited efficacy against the South African variants of the virus. A mutated strain is much more contagious than the original Cove. It 19 that first emerged a little over a year ago, and the state's vaccination efforts are nearing another milestone. The Department of Health yesterday announcing almost 30,000 more vaccinations, we could pass the two million Marcus soon as today. We did have 97 Maura deaths from the virus over 6600 and new cases. And the positivity rate at just under 7%. Still 503 in the Senate impeachment of former president Trump for inciting the capital insurrection begins tomorrow, Senator Marco Rubio says. Not only does it set a bad precedent. It's taking time away from the work that needs to be done, like getting shots into arms and helping people find work that farming from one o'clock until whenever seven or 8 p.m.. We are sitting in a Senate chamber doing impeachment and not doing any of these other things. And, you know, I don't think we can afford a week of that. Senator Rick Scott calls a political theater. Pretty frustrating. It's there's nothing. There's nothing good for a family out of it. Let me know nobody gets helped with this house. Impeachment managers want Trump to testify. His legal team said No Democrats now have to decide if they'll try to compel his testimony with a subpoena, and Democrats are reportedly going to try to provide thousands.

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